Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My First Children's Book - We Were Made For Each Other

I have had an idea for a children's book series for many years but insecurities and fear kept me from pursuing it. I also have always had a love of painting but again the "I'm not good enough" would hold me back until now.
This was the year that I would set those fears aside to write and paint. Rocketman was a huge help,  scanning my watercolor pages and adding the text plus going through all the hoops to get it listed on Amazon. We are so proud that it's now available on Amazon. You may notice that I didn't use "Becky Meverden." I wanted a name that is easy to remember so I dropped the Meverden and added my middle name Lynn.

Here are a couple pages from the book.
This is a separate book from the series I mentioned above. I have four books waiting for Rocketman to scan and add the text. I also have ideas for an additional 12. The ideas are just pouring in and I'm writing them down so I don't forget. It's been a busy but amazing year and I can't wait to share more with you.

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