Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ocean Shipment is Coming

We have been home from South Korea for just over a month now sleeping on air mattresses while waiting for our ocean shipment. I just was notified that the shipment is going to be delivered May 15th. Thank goodness! I haven't been crafting at all but cleaning the house. It's a perfect time since we were gone almost two years to take a good look at everything and pitch or donate stuff. I am also giving the house a good cleaning including the closets and cupboards.

I did order myself a Mother's Day present. Thank you Curt! I ordered a Paragon kiln so I can continue my chilbo (Korean enameling) here at home. My chilbo teacher put together a wonderful folder of information (although it is in Korean) with lots of pictures. I used to make glass beads so I had a kiln but it had a bead door which would make it difficult to use for chilbo.

I also have a bunch of unfinished maedeup (Korean knotting) jewelry waiting for me to complete. I started a lot of projects in Korea thinking I would work on it on the plane ride over (never did) and also once I was home. One of the things I love about maedeup is that even if you are interrupted for a few minutes to a few months, you can pull and it out and continue like you never left it. I do miss it like a good friend.

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