Monday, October 31, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercraft)

 My days of no hanji homework ended last Thursday when I came home with this design for the front of my latest hanji project. I forgot to take a picture of the original homework but it was the white and black design stapled to three pieces of black hanji paper.  So I had to cut through a layer of four pieces of paper.  This pattern also kicked my butt.  It was really difficult with leaving just thin lines of design but it also was good practice for me.  I got it done this morning right before class.  I also have a ton of bojagi I'm working on.

When I got to class there was only me and one other student which is unusual.  She asked for my homework and I was wondering how this would look on my black drawers.  I saw how take each layer and glue them to a red piece of hanji paper.  I thought I would cut out the entire retangle and glue that to the front of each box but I should know better than to think it would be so easy.
The next step was to cut out about 1mm from the original pattern to make a shadow effect.  So I have a ton of homework since I have to do this individually on each of the three drawer fronts.  This is how far I got today.  I left a little after four because my fingers were killing me and I was really tired today for some reason.  I have class on Thursday again and I know I won't have them finished by then.

I was going to take a picture of the box with it all covered in the red hanji paper but although I did bring my camera, I forgot the memory card.  It was still in my computer. Better get back to my homework.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Korean Dol (First Birthday) Party

 Last Saturday, we went to Hongdae for the first birthday party of one of Rocketman's co-workers.  It was really great to be invited since we also had gone to their wedding a few years ago.  This is what we saw as we entered the party room.  It was so beautiful.

 The room was decorated with lots of flowers and balloons.  A montage of pictures of the little one's (I forgot her name) first year were presented on a movie screen which also included video of her too.
 This was the table we chose.  We got there right on time to find that we were one of the first ones there.  Rocketman's co-worker was sooo happy that we had come.
 The room filled up shortly and lots of people.  Rocketman was a little disappointed that more of his co-workers did not attend.  But we were glad that we went.
 Rocketman also brought his fancy camera and she wanted to make sure that all the pictures he had taken of her were good.

 Aren't they cute?  I loved her dress and told her she looked like a bride.  She was surprised and happy.
 Here's the star of the day.  I did hold her for a moment but she did not like to be held except by mommy or daddy.

 I am alway surprised at how well behaved these one year olds are at these parties.  She sat there for a long time without fussing or moving.  I wondered and doubted that my children would have done so well.

                          Everyone is trying to get her to smile.  It was funny to watch.
                                               This was my plate of food.  It was delicious.
                                                                This was Rocketman's.
                                           I found another cutie patoodie at the party.
Usually, we leave with a towel but this dol was a little different.   We each got a container of rice.  I thought it was a great idea.  We couldn't stay long because we had that YB concert that night. 

I did shoot some video.  This first one is of them cutting the cake:

I also shot a video of her choosing her destiny. She picked up the gavel which means she is meant to be a lawyer. Mommy and Daddy were very happy.

I also found this great website if you want to have your own dol.  They even have a blog with lots of great ideas.  I really want to do this with our grandson, Ezra.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dongdaemun Yesterday, Namdaemun Today!

 Today started out as a rainy day and that usually means Rocketman wants to stay close to home but he surprised me and said he wanted to venture into Seoul.  He knew I had some Christmas shopping I wanted to do at Namdaemun and so that's where we went.  Boy, was it crowded!
 But first we made a stop in Itaewon (a little out of the way) for some lunch and some Rocketman shopping.
 Gecko's was decorated for halloween as a hospital.  They had sheeting draping from the ceiling with blood packets hanging down.

 Rocketman had his usual cajun chicken sandwich which he loves and I tried something new, fish and chips.  It was really good and I was surprised that they served it with Ranch dressing instead of tarter sauce.  I'm a saucy girl so I was just glad there was sauce and it was pretty good with the fish.

Itaewon is also where Rocketman orders his custom shirts and he needed some new ones.  We picked out six colors pretty quick and he had mentioned he wanted a suit or sportscoat.  He wasn't really in the mood for more fabric shopping but when we looked at the fabric swatches, we both fell in love with one for a sportscoat so we ordered that also.  Then it was off the Namdaemun.
 This is how they display pants in Korea.  You can really get an idea of how they will look on a real person, a skinny real person.
                                       Bags of hats.  It's getting to be that time of year.
                                             We even found a few Halloween stores.

                It was definitely lunchtime when we arrived at Namdaemun.  You know how I knew?
                                                                          and this.
                                                                        Also this.

                                                                        Pretty in Pink
                                                                      Need any jewelry?
                                                               How about some socks?
                                                                     Or a little clutch?

                              Then we turned down a side street and ended up in the kid's section.
                                     Lots of colors in the stands.  It looks like a painting to me.
 I've seen the kebab guy and always wanted to try one but it's always after we have just eaten lunch.  It looks delicious.
                                                      How's that for a stovetop!
 Then we took a wrong turn and ended up on Ajumma (older Korean women) street.  How can you tell?  See the sparkly and loud tops.
                                                      This is Ajumma street.
    Ajummas love loud and colorful clothing.  It's a rule I'm pretty sure that you have to dress like this to be a real ajumma.
 I can't show you everything I bought but I saw these bojagi coasters and they were only 15,000WON ($13USD) so I couldn't pass them up.  I had never seen them before.
I also had to get this.  It reminded me of when we played the janggu.  But now I am shopped out!  At least for now.  That may change tomorrow.  Also, the rain stopped as soon as we left our apartment and it never rained the rest of the day.

Tomorrow Rocketman leaves for Japan for a week returning Saturday afternoon.  I'm behind on bojagi homework so he knows I'll be busy while he is gone.
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