Friday, October 14, 2011

Craft Artist Exhibition

 As if enough wasn't going on in my crazy life here in South Korea, I also took part in a Craft Artist Exhibition at the Hwaseong Fortress.
 Each artist had an entire display cabinet and I filled mine up with many of the Korean crafts I've been doing.  The first shelf was my Korean miniature food.

                The second was maedeup and chilbo.  Nan, my chilbo teacher, provided a photo.

                                                This is hanji from my hanji teacher.
                                                 These were made using pressed flowers.
                                                 My bodyguard also had a display.

                   Young-Soo had a display of her maedeup.  We both learned maedeup from Su-Mi.

This is a photo of my entire display case.

                                    This was my chilbo teacher, Nan-Young's display case.

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