Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chilbo Class (Korean Enameling)

 This week Nan was very busy getting ready for the huge festival that will be held at the Hwaseong Fortress.  It is running from Friday through Monday.  Nan wants me there every day to help out and she said that it was good for business to have a foreigner around.  The picture above is some of the things she was working on.
                                                                 Here are some more.
 Then it was my turn to work on faces.  I need a lot of practice and I had a lot of fun.
                                     She made all my faces into rings, pins and barrettes.
                                                         These are the rings I made.
I also noticed my two jewelry boxes in the window.  They will be heading to Insadong next week for the Korean Enameling Associate Exhibition.  I'll also be heading there next Wednesday to check it out.
                          Nan also had some of her latest creations in her window display.

Tomorrow is a full day at miniature class and Rocketman has his third dentist appointment in as many days.  I'll blog more about that later.

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