Sunday, October 30, 2011

Korean Dol (First Birthday) Party

 Last Saturday, we went to Hongdae for the first birthday party of one of Rocketman's co-workers.  It was really great to be invited since we also had gone to their wedding a few years ago.  This is what we saw as we entered the party room.  It was so beautiful.

 The room was decorated with lots of flowers and balloons.  A montage of pictures of the little one's (I forgot her name) first year were presented on a movie screen which also included video of her too.
 This was the table we chose.  We got there right on time to find that we were one of the first ones there.  Rocketman's co-worker was sooo happy that we had come.
 The room filled up shortly and lots of people.  Rocketman was a little disappointed that more of his co-workers did not attend.  But we were glad that we went.
 Rocketman also brought his fancy camera and she wanted to make sure that all the pictures he had taken of her were good.

 Aren't they cute?  I loved her dress and told her she looked like a bride.  She was surprised and happy.
 Here's the star of the day.  I did hold her for a moment but she did not like to be held except by mommy or daddy.

 I am alway surprised at how well behaved these one year olds are at these parties.  She sat there for a long time without fussing or moving.  I wondered and doubted that my children would have done so well.

                          Everyone is trying to get her to smile.  It was funny to watch.
                                               This was my plate of food.  It was delicious.
                                                                This was Rocketman's.
                                           I found another cutie patoodie at the party.
Usually, we leave with a towel but this dol was a little different.   We each got a container of rice.  I thought it was a great idea.  We couldn't stay long because we had that YB concert that night. 

I did shoot some video.  This first one is of them cutting the cake:

I also shot a video of her choosing her destiny. She picked up the gavel which means she is meant to be a lawyer. Mommy and Daddy were very happy.

I also found this great website if you want to have your own dol.  They even have a blog with lots of great ideas.  I really want to do this with our grandson, Ezra.

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