Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chilbo - Korean Enameling

 Nan, my chilbo teacher, has a place where she orders all her chilbo blank jewelry.  I had made a few things that she had purchased and recently went to their website and had Nan order me a few things.  This week I made the three chilbo bracelets you see above.

The jewelry comes with the copper pieces separate.  You enamel the pieces and then glue them onto the piece of jewelry in this case, bracelets.  I loved how they turned out and I'm thinking of ordering a bunch of them to take back with me when we move back home.  I can enamel them at my home back in the States.
 I also bought this necklace but we didn't have to get to it.  I'm going to start going to chilbo twice a week starting next month until we move the end of January.  I just can't get enough of learning all I can from Nan.
She also had these gorgeous rings that she had made.  They were adjustable and she sold it to me for only 10,000WON ($9USD).

I'm going to Dongdaemun tomorrow to start slowing stocking up on things I will need once we are back in the States.  Rocketman is working which is fine because that way I don't feel rushed while I'm shopping.  It's my favorite place to shop in the whole world.  Rocketman is going to Japan for a week and leaves on Sunday.

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