Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pizza School

Pizza School is about the cheapest pizza we have found in South Korea. A medium size pepperoni pizza with two Cokes was 7000WON ($6USD). Most of the pizzas in South Korea are not Western pizza style. They have ingredients on them like sweet potato puree, octopus and sometimes a creamy white sauce.

We always order pepperoni since it is the only Western choice. I love a good Italian sausage pizza but have failed to find one here in South Korea. Costco carries pizzas and their choices are cheese, pepperoni and garbage (everything). The only thing lacking is in the sauce department. They barely put any sauce on the pizza and I'm a saucy girl who loves lots of sauce.

Pizza School is a big hangout of teenager and I'm sure it has to do with their prices.

The leftover boxes are ready by the door.

This Pizza School in Paldumum had a brick ledge exposed on the inside and people had written all over the bricks.

Back in my dating days, we would keep track of how long we were dating in months. Here in Korea, my girlfriends keep track in days. 100 days into a relationship is a big deal. Knowing now how short engagements typically are (anywhere from a month to a few months), I see why they do it.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I was following this junior high student the other day and just had to sneak a shot of her jacket. I don't use the "f" word although it may pop into my mind on certain occasions and it did pop into my mind yesterday.

I was walking back to the hotel when I saw ahead of me, an ajosshi (older Korean man) squatting while picking up receipts and money from his wallet. He happen to do this at an alley entrance. As I got closer, I saw a car slowly backing out of the alley. The ajosshi looked up at the car and continued with his wallet organizing.

He was definitely NOT seen by the driver so I ran up to him, grabbed his shoulders and pulled him out of the way of the car just in time. This caused him to fall backwards on his bottom. The driver saw me run over and quickly stopped the car and got out.

I was so busy seeing if he was okay that I didn't see the hand that smacked me in the chest. That woke me up and I backed away from him immediately. He began ranting and raving and giving me a nasty stink eye. The car driver just looked rather confused by the whole situation. I was so mad that I cupped my ear and said "Kamsahamnida!" a few times. Well, of course he yelled louder so I cut my losses, shrugged my shoulders to the car driver and make my way back to the hotel.

You may wonder what I would do if I saw the same situation, I would do exactly the same thing only be prepared I may get whacked in the process.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Freaking, Fracking Banking in South Korea

I really thought that moving to South Korea this time would be much easier since we had lived here once before and understand the differences. So I find myself at times like these comparing what we are dealing with this move versus our previous stay. Getting a bank account here in Korea the first time was no problem except that it took over two hours to get all the paperwork done.

This time it took only about an hour but it has been all downhill since then. We opened the account in only Rocketman's name because you can't have a joint account in South Korea. I was given an ATM card and so was Rocketman so it wasn't a problem. I could get money or buy anything whenever I needed to.

The big difference this time is that Rocketman's salary is 100% USD. Last time, a percentage (chosen by us) was paid in Korean WON and was deposited each month into his Korean bank account so we always had plenty of money. We knew coming over that we would need to do wire transfers between our U.S. account and our Korean account. Before we left, I went to our bank and got the necessary information needed to do this. We also brought enough cash to last a month in case there were problems.

On February 6th, I went to our local branch with Mr. Choi, my yoga buddy, to make a wire transfer, not that we needed the money but in anticipation of any problems. We had to go upstairs into the VIP area of the bank and went to the first desk where a Ms. Choi helped us. Mr. Choi explained to her that I wanted to wire transfer money from my U.S. account to my Korean bank. I made sure he said it multiple times. She went and got the paperwork and Mr. Choi helped me fill it out.

She wanted my Alien Registration Card and the asked for my passport. I didn' have my passport and I was bummed because we had been there for an hour already. So I made sure that Mr. Choi asked her that if I return with the passport I can make the transfer. She said that my passport was all I needed.

We went back on the 11th with everything she told me I needed. As it turned out, she had given me the wrong papers and I actually filled out forms to take out of my Korean account and put into my U.S. account. That would have been disasterous. That was straightened out and I filled out the correct form and gave her my passport. It also turns out that I can't wire transfer money from my U.S. account to my Korean account. I would have to write a check to my Korean bank and wait 30 days for it to clear. That's my only option. I was upset but what are you going to do.

Then Ms. Choi was talking rapidly to Mr. Choi and he back to her. His voice was getting louder and he was shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head. I knew it wasn't good. He told me that I can't put money into Rocketman's account. I stood up in the very quiet Korean bank and yelled, "WHAT! You've got to be kidding me. I did everything she told me to and I STILL can't transfer money!" I was hot and yes, I was yelling. I looked over and the whole floor had stopped working to watch me and her two co-workers jumped out of their chairs when I started yelling.

She then asked their Mr. Choi if I had one of Rocketman's business cards which I didn't. So what she suggested is that I open my own bank account and then write the check to that account and when the check clears, I come in and transfer the money. I ranted and grumbled for a few minutes but then realized, "Becky, you're not in Minnesota anymore" and caved. So left with my own bank account with a penney in it. That's all you need to open a bank account. My check did clear my U.S. bank on the 16th.

The big problem is that we may very well run out of money. It's so blasted ironic. We have plenty in the U.S. but can't get our hands on any of it. We also can't find an ATM here in Suwon that accepts foreign credit cards. We could get cash advances that way.

I even called our bank to see if there is anything they could do. First, they told me that they could not send any money to Korea. It's an enemy of the United States. I told her I was in SOUTH Korea, not NORTH. If I was in North Korea, I would be in a prison. She gave me to another guy who said the same thing about North Korea. He said that North Korea has opperatives in South Korea trying to mess with the banking system so they couldn't help me. I find this so ridiculous because aren't we trying to pass a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea. How is that money going to change hands?

I hung up and gave up. Rocketman tried to get his company to help but there is little they can do so we are going to have to live with the 30 days on transferring money. It's just this first month that may be difficult. Of course, if we do run out, Mr. Choi offered me as many millions of WON I want. Rocketman doesn't want to borrow from him since that whole business of Mr. Choi wanting to be my boyfriend the last time we lived here. Hopefully, we won't run out or we may be eating kimbap for every meal. It's only 1500WON ($1.20US).

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #3

This week's chilbo lesson was finishing a piece at a lower temperature (760C vs 795C) to give an orange peal effect to the chilbo. The heart on the left is using this technique. I thinbk I put the enamel on too thickly and that's why it cracked. It takes time and talent to learn how thick to put on the enamel depending on what you are doing.

The piece on the right is using the technique I learned last week of the watered down enamels to make the designs then using the brush the take out or shape.

Last week, Nan gave me these cards knowing how much I want to learn all the Korean crafts I can during my stay.

I was so excited because pojagi (Korean quilting) is something I've been dying to learn. So I had one of my Korean friends write down in Korean asking if I could take lessons. Nan said I could and I start on March 8th. She and the pojagi teacher will come to my apartment every week. How is that for service? Do you wonder why I get so spoiled here in Korea?
I'm still very sick with a cold. It is one of the worse I have had in years. Nan heard my scraggily voice and coughing and was soooo concerned. She asked if I had gone to the hospital, something you do here if you don't feel well. I told her that I hadn't and as soon as she had me chilboing, she ran out to the neareast pharmacy and brought me back these two medications. One for my cough and one for my throat. She told me to take one of each, three times a day. She wouldn't let me pay her for them either.
Again, do you see why I love this country and the people soooo much!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Korean First Birthday Party

It's sort of a "Maedeup Monday" because we are celebrating my Korean maedeup teacher's first birthday of her son. This is a very big deal in South Korea. In olden days, there was a high mortality rate and that first year of life was something to celebrate.

Last Saturday, we attended a Korean first birthday party for my maedeup teacher's son. Su-Mi was so excited that we could attend. It took place in a wedding chapel which is typical for Korean first birthday parties. The tables were decorated with everything you needed including soju.

Su-Mi's father is no longer living and it was her uncle, in fact, that gave her away at her wedding. The photo above includes her mother.

Cutting the cake.

Out of the tray of choices was a microphone and that's what he chose along with some WON. So I think he will be always have money and will be a singer. The grandmothers wanted him to choose WON.

This is my plate from the massive buffet.

These are the desserts I chose.

Su-Mi was so glad we came and Rocketman heard several guests ask, "Who are they?" We were the only foreigners.

Of course, I had to hold the baby.

He was so tired by now but he didn't cry once.

These were our parting gifts, hand towels. This is what we have always received as gifts from a first birthday party.
I took some video and most of it was good. I'm disappointed in the two food videos. I was moving too quickly and didn't realize it until I got home. I need to work on that.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walkabout in Suwon

Last week I had lunch with a fellow ex-pat blogger, Chris in South Korea. We met at Suwon Station and we decided to visit Suwon's Red Light District.

This storefront was open for business by the lady was nowhere to be found so I was able to snap this shot. They sit in the chairs and sometimes you see a leg hanging out the door. When I was here the last time in 2007, the girls were all dressed in white. This time, they were wearing brightly colored clothing.

During the day, most of the Red Light District looks like this. It really lights up and gets busy at night.

One of the side streets.

We also found this "Love Motel" located conveniently near the Red Light District.

Afterwards, we sat down for a delicious lunch. I'm hoping to meet again for a meal and his "Lady in Red" can meet my "Rocketman."
Big days coming up. Tomorrow, we go furniture shopping in Seoul. Last time we were here, we brought our furniture. This time we have to buy furniture or should I say, Rocketman's company is paying for the furniture. A funny thing here is that it is cheaper to buy the furniture rather than rent if it's longer than six months. So the company gave us a figure and hopefully we can get everything we need.
Then on Saturday, we were invited to Choi's house for a homemade bulgogi lunch made by his wife. It is also the day when we will attend my maedeup teacher's son's first birthday. I was unable to attend her wedding so I'm thrilled she invited us. I haven't seen her since I've been back. She is recovering from a surgery. It will be so good to see her.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #2

This week in chilbo I learned about how to layer the enamels while they were wet or dry. The top square I covered with wet enamel, then while still wet I applied frit and additional enamel. It was only fired one time.

On the lower square, I painted wet enamel onto the square and it was fired. Then with a really wet brush, I covered the square with black but it was really splotchy. Then with a dry brush, I added a pattern.

The top two in this picture were from last week. Everything was outlined in black and refired.
The lower left was made by covering the copper with wet enamel, then using more wet enamel to paint the hearts. Then it was fired.
The lower right was made by covering the copper in wet yellow enamel and it was fired. Then I used wet enamel to paint the hearts and it was fired again.

This was a piece that Nan had sitting there waiting to be photographed.

This was made by her student. I can't wait till I get to this level.

I was busy working when I heard the sound of drums. It never got any closer by it didn't go away either. So I grabbed my camera and went outside to see where the drums were. This is what I saw. I have no idea what there were doing but it sure was cool to see.

Monday, February 14, 2011

FaveCrafts February Blog Hop!

I hope you are enjoying this FaveCrafts Blog Hop. I am having a blast participating and also seeing what my fellow designers come up with. I hope you enjoy my project.

When I was a little girl, my mom had a wooden refrigerator magnet set featuring a dog house and a dog with each of our names on it. We took turns each week putting someone in the dog house. I seem to remember my dad was in it alot. I made this one for my children to enjoy.

Polymer Clay Dog House Refrigerator Magnets

Copywrite 2011 by Becky Meverden

Needle-nose pliers
Kato Nublade or knife
Kato Nuflex blade
Round toothpick
5" x 8" index cards
E-6000 adhesive
bBlack fine-tip permanent marker
Circle template, optional

For Dog House:
Kato Polyclay: red, ultra blue, gold, beige
Three 1/2" round magnets
Kato Repel Gel
Pasta machine or acrylic roller
Shade-Tex Architexture Rubbing Plates: stone

For Daddy Dog:
Kato Polyclay: brown, black, white, red, beige
Pink clay: Mix a 1/4" ball of white with a 13/64" ball of red

For Mommy Dog, same as Daddy Dog plus:
Kato Polyclay: violet, yellow, orange, white
Lavender clay: 3/8" ball of white plus 9/32" ball of purple
3/16" Kemper flower cutter

For Brother Dog, same as Daddy Dog plus:
Kato Polyclay: turquoise

For Sister Dog, same as Dady Dog plus:
Kato Polyclay: magenta

For each dog:
1/2" round magnet
Eye pin
7mm jump ring

1. Condition clay according to manufacturer’s instructions.

2. To make the house pattern, fold a 5" x 8"index card in half the widest way. Use scissors to cut 1-5/8 inch, parallel to the fold, 1-1/2 inch from the open end. Angle towards the fold and cut approximately 2-1/2 inches.

3. For the door, cut 1 inch from the fold and up 1-1/2 inch and then curve around to the fold. Open and you will have a house pattern.

4. To make the house: Flatten a sheet of red through the pasta machine at a #1 setting (1/8 inch). Rub the sheet with Kato Repel Gel to keep the sheet from sticking to the rubbing plate. Set the rubbing plate against the sheet and carefully run both through the pasta machine. Lay the pattern on top of the sheet and use the Nublade to cut out house.

5. For the roof: Roll a 1/4-inch-diameter log of both ultra blue and gold. Twist together and curl one end. Press around upper edge of house and cut off 1 inch beyond end and curl.

6. For the door trim: Roll a 1/8-inch-diameter ultra blue 12-inch-long log. Fold log in half and twist both ends. Press around door opening and cut off excess.

7. For the sign: Flatten a sheet of beige through the pasta machine at a #4 setting (3/64 inch). Curve Nuflex blade and slice sheet. Curve blade again and slice 3/8 inch from previous slice. Cut a sign that is 1-5/8 inch long. Set aside rest of beige sheet to be used for name tags for the dogs

8. To make the daddy dog body: Roll a 5/8-inch ball of brown into an egg shape. Use toothpick to draw center line 1/4 inch from the top to the bottom. Draw a half circle at the top of the line.

9. For the feet, flatten two 5/16-inch balls of brown and attach to the bottom of the body.

10. For the head, flatten a 7/16-inch ball of brown into an egg shape. For the eyes, flatten two 7/64-inch balls of white into egg shapes. Press narrow ends together and press onto head. For pupils, roll two 5/64-inch balls of black and press onto each eye. For the snout, flatten a 5/16-inch ball of beige into an oval. Press onto the head under the eyes. For the nose, flatten a 3/32-inch ball of black into an oval and press onto the snout. For the mouth and tongue, use the toothpick to indent bottom of snout. Flatten a 1/8-inch ball of pink into a teardrop and use toothpick to press onto snout and to indent tongue.

11. For ears, roll two 7/16-inch balls of brown into 1-1/4-inch-long tapered logs and flatten. Curl under the narrowest end and curl out the widest end of each ear. Press onto both sides of the head. Press head onto top of the body.

12. Make the mommy dog the same as the daddy dog. For the hat, flatten a 1/4-inch ball of lavender. For the brim, roll a 1/4-inch ball of lavender into a 5/8-inch-long log. Flatten and pleat using your fingers. Press onto the top of the head. Press the hat on top of the brim. For the flower, flatten a small sheet of yellow through the pasta machine at a #5 setting (1/32 inch). Use the flower cutter to cut out a flower. Roll a 1/16-inch ball of orange and press onto the center of the flower. Press flower onto the hat.

13. To make the brother and sister dog, follow the directions for the daddy dog except use the following ball sizes: body: 7/16 inch, feet: 9/32 inch, head: 3/8 inch, eyes: 3/32 inch, pupils: 1/16 inch, snout: 9/32 inch, nose: 5/64 inch, tongue: 3/32 inch, and ears: 3/8 inch.

14. For brother’s kerchief, flatten a small sheet of turquoise through the pasta machine at a #5 setting (1/32 inch). Use Nublade to cut a triangle wide enough to fit around the neck, 3/4 inch long on its longest side, 1/2 inch long on the other two sides. Place around the neck of the dog.

15. For sister’s bow, flatten two 5/32-inch balls of magenta into triangles. Use toothpick to press a like into each triangle. Press together slightly. Roll a 7/64-inch ball of magenta and press into the center. Press bow onto the top of the head.

16. Press an eye pin into the bottom of each dog.

17. For the name tags, use the beige sheet from the house sign above. Use the Nublade to cut rectangles, 3/8" x 3/4". Use a toothpick to make a hole in the center top of each tag. Make one for each dog.

18. Bake house, house sign, dogs and name tags according the clay manufacturer’s instructions.

19. When everything has cooled, use black permanent marker to write the family name on the dog house sign and individual names on each name tag. Glue dog house sign over door.
alternate design

20. Use the needle-nose pliers to attach a jump ring to the eye pin of each dog. Add name tag to each dog. Close each jump ring.

21. Glue three magnets to the back of the house, one near the top and the remaining two near both bottoms. Glue a magnet to the back of each dog.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

It's celebrated a little different over here in South Korea. For Valentine's Day, the woman buys the man chocolate then on White Day (March 14th), the man buys the woman chocolate. I think it should be jewelry but who am I to change custom.

For the last week or so, you could find all kinds of gift baskets to buy the man in your life complete with a cute stuff animal and chocolate. I picked this up at a local convenience store and I bought the suckers at Home Plus. I think Rocketman will be surprised when he comes home.

As for White Day, I wouldn't mind this:

Just kidding, Rocketman. But I sure would like to meet Bi (Rain) some day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

You See What I Mean?

I was coming out of the exit at Suwon Station onto vomit alley when I saw a crowd watching what I thought was a girl dancing. When I stopped and really looked at "her," I realized she was a he. I thought he must have lost a bet with his friends.

But this just shows you that I NEVER know what I will encounter here in South Korea. I love it here!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #1

Chilbo class has also changed since I last lived here in South Korea. My chilbo teacher, Nan, is now a member of the Korean Enameling Association. So the first thing she told me was that I would be following a curriculum insteading of telling her what I would like to make. It's a good idea since I'll be taking classes for a year.

She gave me this packet and told me that I must bring it every week to class.

I was starting all over again and at first I wasn't too happy but then when I had forgotten how she applies the enamels, I realized she was right. Rocketman volunteered to translate. I had wanted to make a chilbo dresser but she said prices of the furniture alone was 750,000WON ($750USD) and I was in no hurry to spend that kind of money. I'm also not good enough to want to spend that kind of money on my chilbo right now. Class for four weeks was 160,000WON ($160USD) which includes material and if you know anything about enameling, it is not an inexpensive craft.

Here is a picture of this week's class. As you can see, I still need work on making straight lines. She had me make two squares plus the round ones. I left the round ones there and I think they will be pendants. The two squares will be for a board showcasing my work as it develops.

This is some of Nan's work she was photographing while I was working.

More of Nan's work.

A tray of Nan's work.
I can't wait for next week. I also gave her the maedeup necklace I made for her. Let's see what chilbo pendant she puts on it. She was really surprised and touched. I can't wait for next week!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Korean Yogahhhhhh!

Emphasis on the ahhhh. Yesterday was my first day back at yoga. I went regularly when we lived here the last time and good intentions were that I would continue it when I had returned to the U.S. But being good intentions, they never really materialized. Oh, that's not to say if I was stiff or sore, I would be totally Korean and use a closed fist to hit myself in the affected area but I never continued with my yoga.

I was really scared to start back knowing what I was in for and worried I would embarass myself. Choi met me at yoga and in fact, it was his first time back in several months due to some health issues. It was all new instructors. My old instructors had transfered to another Daum Yoga in Suwon. I was very attached to my old instructors so I wasn't too happy with the change.

As we began warm ups, more regulars from when I took two years ago showed up and surprised looks on their faces. I ran over and gave each a big hug and some of them grandmothers put their hands on my face which is an endearing Korean greeting used only for family. They were all so glad to see me back.

Practice went well and like I imagined, I could hardly keep up the the 70 and 80 year olds. I was surprised to see how my balance had suffered along with the inability to hit myself in the stomach for 10 minutes. I did it but my arms hurt like crazy.

The head instructor also knows quite a bit of English and I would hear commands like "breath" and "relax." She would also come over to me and tell me to straighen my feet (of course, I couldn't at least not right now). She would mention body parts like "heart," "stomach" and "brain." But there were several times during practice when she would say. "close your anus." I'm not kidding and the first time I heard it, I thought I had imagined some Korean that sounded like that. I heard it a few more times until I knew that is exactly what she was saying. I think she wanted me to tighten my bum but who really knows. I just tried not to laugh loudly.

We were laying on our back making our stomachs go in and out (try doing that for 20 minutes) when she came over to me and unsnapped the top of my uniform. She then took her pointer finger and pressed with that one finger somewhere in the center of my upper chest. It hurt like a knife. She smiled and said "good," and then moved her finger down a few inches and did the same thing which resulted in the same reaction only this time I removed her finger. She told me to imagine the pain going doing my left arm and out my fingers. She was apply pressure to pressure points on my body. In 10 days of yoga, I will feel no pain and be in better condition. My chest hurt the rest of the day.

I had some shopping to do at Home Plus and then I caught a bus home to Suwon Station. From Suwon Station, it's a three to four block walk to the Dormy and when you are wiped out, it seems like a marathon.

Today she wanted me a half hour early to evaluate my body. I knew I would be in for some more major pain and I was ready for it. I never knew my spinal cord could hurt so much. She had me lay on my stomach on a mat and she used her pointer finger and then the palm of her hand to press down hard along my spinal cord. It hurt like crazy and she seemed to really like when it hurt. I'm sure it just confirmed to her that my body is in bad condition. Luckily, most of the evaluation was her explaining Daum Yoga and their beliefs. I told her that I had taken Daum Yoga before and understood but she still wanted to tell me. I like the workout.

Afterwards Choi went with me to my bank to try and do a wire transfer. Of course, that failed. I needed my passport to do it even though I had my ARC, they still required a passport number. After Choi told her multiple times that I wanted to take out of my U.S. account and put into my Korean account, it wasn't till the end that she realized that she had the form to do the opposite. That would have been a real mess since she said it takes two weeks for the money to transfer.
We really don't need the money but we want to see how long it takes and if I can ever be able to do it myself.

Then Choi asked if I was hungry which I was and he said there was a mandu shop not too far which was famous for mandu. I haven't had mandu since we arrived so I was excited. We got galbi (meat) mandu.

I grabbed one of their flyers as we left. The waitress told Choi that his English was very good. He really liked to hear that. I tried to pay for lunch but he wouldn't let me. He is going to go with me on Friday to try and do the transfer at the bank again. Tomorrow is my first chilbo (Korean enameling) class and I can't wait!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maedeup Monday!

After lunch last week with Nan, my chilbo teacher and the metal guy, they surprised me by taking me to a maedeup shop in Suwon. We walked in and the girls working there were shocked to see the foreigner. I could tell I had made them uncomfortable and Nan did all the talking.

The owner (and least I think that is who it was) came over to me with a board containing maedeup knots and pointed to each one. I responded with the correct name and there were a few I didn't know. She asked Nan who my teacher was and when I told her, she just shrugged her shoulders. I'm sure there are a lot of maedeup teachers out there.

I did buy a piece of maedeup for my collection. I left feeling a little sad that they really didn't want me there. But the Rocketman reminded me how the owner of the maedeup shop where I took lessons from Su-Mi was the same way, very standoffish. Maybe that is how a store owner is suppose to act but it sure doesn't make me want to visit again.

I reminded Rocketman how the maedeup shop owner in Seoul where I buy my cording has always treated me like an honored guest. He has even offered to give me lessons. I have to see if I can take lessons from Su-Mi which I don't know right now if I can. One thing is for sure, I won't be visiting that maedeup shop in Suwon anymore.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shopping at Suwon Station

One of the things I love the most about South Korea is the shopping. It is truly incredible. My first shoppin experience was at Suwon Station at the bookstore where I picked up a couple of books. Rocketman and I share a passion for books. These were too cute to pass up. On the left is a cell phone charm. The upper right is a place to put all those point cards you can accumulate. I need our address before I get our Home Plus point card. Just about everywhere you go from Home Plus to a coffee shop, they ask if you have a point card.
On the lower right is some cute book markers. Everything is so cute here! I have to be careful about spending. This time Rocketman is getting paid only into our U.S. account. We opened a Korean bank account and will need to transfer money when we need it. Last time, part of his salary was Korean WON and I never had to worry about it.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lunch with My Chilbo Teacher

Earlier this week I went to lunch with my Chilbo teacher, Nan and the metal guy. I need to learn his name but he does incredible art and jewelry in copper and silver. Rocketman had to work so I went by myself.

I met them at the Chilbo shop and we walked to a local restaurant. The food was delicious but the floor where we sat was so hot, I felt more like being in a sauna. Nan even grabbed a napkin to wipe my sweaty face.

This tasted like marinated hamburger. It was very good but picky me didn't eat the garlic nor the mushrooms.

But I ate ALL the kimchi!

I also tried a lot of the side dishes except the ones with octopus or squid. They knew I didn't like either and pointed out which ones contained either. I can't wait for class to start on Wednesday.
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