Sunday, February 6, 2011

Maedeup Monday!

After lunch last week with Nan, my chilbo teacher and the metal guy, they surprised me by taking me to a maedeup shop in Suwon. We walked in and the girls working there were shocked to see the foreigner. I could tell I had made them uncomfortable and Nan did all the talking.

The owner (and least I think that is who it was) came over to me with a board containing maedeup knots and pointed to each one. I responded with the correct name and there were a few I didn't know. She asked Nan who my teacher was and when I told her, she just shrugged her shoulders. I'm sure there are a lot of maedeup teachers out there.

I did buy a piece of maedeup for my collection. I left feeling a little sad that they really didn't want me there. But the Rocketman reminded me how the owner of the maedeup shop where I took lessons from Su-Mi was the same way, very standoffish. Maybe that is how a store owner is suppose to act but it sure doesn't make me want to visit again.

I reminded Rocketman how the maedeup shop owner in Seoul where I buy my cording has always treated me like an honored guest. He has even offered to give me lessons. I have to see if I can take lessons from Su-Mi which I don't know right now if I can. One thing is for sure, I won't be visiting that maedeup shop in Suwon anymore.


  1. What does one do with a piece of Maedeup?

  2. I have maedeup hanging all around my home. I also make jewelry out of maedeup.

  3. At least you bought a very nice piece. I totally understand that feeling...that you're being a nuisance or something. One day recently I saw a woman in a Uijeongbu Starbucks fondling some yarn she had just bought somewhere. Excited that there might be a yarn shop nearby that I didn't know about, and also just trying to make connection with another human, I asked her in Korea if there was a yarn shop nearby. "Yes." Oh, ok, where is it? "Near the middle school." She turned her head and just ignored me. It seems like with Koreans, they treat strangers very coldly, but once you're "in," they treat you like family. That's what I've found anyway.

  4. I feel ya Sarah, I have had very little help with asking Koreans off post where I can find something. Luckily I work with Korean soldiers who are more than willing to help, but unfortunately they are all male and havent been much help in the craft stuff finding department.

  5. Becky, I am new to maedeup and live in Colorado. Where do you get your cord when you are not in Korea?

  6. buys their Korean cording from the same maedeup shop.


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