Sunday, February 20, 2011

Korean First Birthday Party

It's sort of a "Maedeup Monday" because we are celebrating my Korean maedeup teacher's first birthday of her son. This is a very big deal in South Korea. In olden days, there was a high mortality rate and that first year of life was something to celebrate.

Last Saturday, we attended a Korean first birthday party for my maedeup teacher's son. Su-Mi was so excited that we could attend. It took place in a wedding chapel which is typical for Korean first birthday parties. The tables were decorated with everything you needed including soju.

Su-Mi's father is no longer living and it was her uncle, in fact, that gave her away at her wedding. The photo above includes her mother.

Cutting the cake.

Out of the tray of choices was a microphone and that's what he chose along with some WON. So I think he will be always have money and will be a singer. The grandmothers wanted him to choose WON.

This is my plate from the massive buffet.

These are the desserts I chose.

Su-Mi was so glad we came and Rocketman heard several guests ask, "Who are they?" We were the only foreigners.

Of course, I had to hold the baby.

He was so tired by now but he didn't cry once.

These were our parting gifts, hand towels. This is what we have always received as gifts from a first birthday party.
I took some video and most of it was good. I'm disappointed in the two food videos. I was moving too quickly and didn't realize it until I got home. I need to work on that.


  1. I love the little hanbok. So cute.

    When we did the Tol thing with Andy he picked the money and the knife. Perhaps a culinary career?

  2. Fascinating - thanks Becky. With all the fabulous food you show on your blog, I can't imagine why Korea hasn't caught up with America in the (over)weight department!

  3. Hello please let me know the name and location of the hotel


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