Wednesday, February 24, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 14 - Busan!

We went down to Busan for the weekend with Hannah to visit Hellena. We hadn't seen her since she had her gorgeous identical twins. She is living with her parents who help her out tremendously with the girls. Her husband works and lives in Seoul but gets down to visit a couple weekends a month. He is trying to find a job in Busan but the jobs are hard to find and he is lucky to have the one he has.

We took the train which is wicked fast while Hellena's husband drove the family van down. He was our chauffeur the entire weekend and we had so much fun. He shares a love of photography with Rocketman. He was also a very hands on poppa, carrying the baby while also taking pictures. The babies were so good even though we didn't seen them at the same time.

When we arrived at the train station, Hellena and her family were there to greet us. The first stop was lunch because Rocketman is always hungry. We ate at a buffet which are especially popular right now.
Then it was off to tourist attractions. I had sent Hellena a list of a couple of places we wanted to visit. We started off at Haedong Yonggung Temple. You know how much I adore Buddhist temples and this one did not disappoint. We were surprised at how very crowded it was. You can see Hannah and Hellena at the bottom of this photo.
                                       Lots of vendor booths set up on your way to the temple.

Hellena told me lots of young woman visit this particular temple just to rub this Buddha's belly. She had done so also while pregnant and had her two precious girls so it doesn't guarantee a boy. In case you were wondering, I did not rub the Buddha's belly.


                                                                    Make a wish!
                                    We went at dusk and it was a beautiful time to visit.


There was an area of the temple which included a very steep climb where we found lots of these little guys. Visitors had left money by some of them and in other photos you will notice they also left bracelets.
                                                         I found them all so precious.


                                            See what I mean, they were everywhere.
                                                               She was such a joy.
Time to gather the change. 
                                  Rocketman took these photos. This one is of myself and Hellena.

                                           I wish we had one of these here in the States.





 I about died when we saw this. They were trying to take a family selfie but what concerned me was that there was a drop off of 50 or more feet beyond that cement railing. It was very dangerous especially with children. Yikes!

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