Monday, August 30, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

Rocketman was in Asia most of the month and returned home on Friday. One of the countries he visited was South Korea. I needed a few things from the maedeup shop and he was happy to pick the order up for me. I emailed my order to Hannah, my Korean girlfriend, and she translated it to the maedeup owner. I also made sure that Rocketman brought a couple of gifts for the owner because it helps you to get a good price.

He flew from China to Incheon and was going to store all his luggage at Seoul Station. Hannah said you could get a locker there. Hannah met him at Seoul Station and they found that all the lockers were taken. They went to all the locker areas of the station only to find them all used. Then while deciding what to do with his luggage an ajumma can up with a keyring full of locker keys. She was selling the lockers at ridiculous prices. So that's why there wasn't any lockers available. It was a ripoff! Rocketman refused to pay her for a key and so he lugged all his luggage to the maedeup shop.

The picture above is some freebees I got from the maedeup shop.

They also gave me this cording to try out the different diameters.

Poor Rocketman had to make his way to Suwon with 17 pounds of maedeup cording. It made his suitcase over 60 pounds when he left Korea but we think since he is platinum they let it slide. I was so excited to add the new colors to my inventory and I'm so grateful to be married to a guy who would lug around 17 pounds of maedeup cording.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Minnesota State Fair - Part 3 - The Animals

The State Fair is also about animals and we took time to visit several including this beautiful horse.

At the newborn barn, you could pose with baby animals.

Found some darling baby ducklings.

Newborn goats.

Newborn sheep. I actually saw one being born but it was pretty messy so I didn't want to shock anyone.

Newborn piglet.

Mama pig in a birthing pen. The laboring pig lays on her side in her own metal platform pen and water squirts on her as she labors. The piglets seem to know right where to go as soon as they are born. We were told that this pen keeps the mama pig from squishing her newborn piglets.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Minnesota State Fair - Part 2 - The Crafts

Besides the food at the fair, my most favorite thing is to walk through the Creative Activities building. Sister 2, not so much, so she sat inside the building watching and learning how to weave while I walked the building taking pictures and ooing and ahhhing over all the creativity.

When we first walked in we saw this huge knitted fish.

I loved the embroidery done in this quilt.

The food entries are also in this building.

These were kept in a refrigerator room.

They must have had a special request of the quilts to make quilt fly swatters. They were darling.

This was my favorite too and it won some awards.

Lots of cute ones. I love spending time in this building.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Minnesota State Fair - Part 1 - The Food

I went to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday with Sister 2. We didn't eat any breakfast in anticipation for the food we would find at the fair. The fair did not disappoint. This post is devoted to all the food we saw and ate at the fair.

Well, this is Minnesota.

Our first buy was potato skins.

We split an order and they were delicious.

Next stop, spaghetti. Why not.

We each had a bowl of spaghetti and it too was delicious.

Sister 2 had to have her deep fried Twinkie. She loved it.

Still not sure about SPAM prepared this way. Although I do love SPAM now thanks to South Korea and all the SPAM I ate while living there.

Last year I didn't have a pronto pup but I did this year.


New this year, mashed potatoes on a stick.

Oh no, we didn't try this. We still prefer the term casserole even though we both has lived in Minnesota decades.

Sister 2 wanted these. I was grossed out but indulged her.

We got the gourmet pickles with the cream cheese centers.

They don't look too bad.

They tasted delicious.

What??? Fried fruit. Hmmm.

Sister 2 also wanted a deep fried Snicker's bar.

Oh yeah!
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