Friday, August 27, 2010

Minnesota State Fair - Part 1 - The Food

I went to the Minnesota State Fair yesterday with Sister 2. We didn't eat any breakfast in anticipation for the food we would find at the fair. The fair did not disappoint. This post is devoted to all the food we saw and ate at the fair.

Well, this is Minnesota.

Our first buy was potato skins.

We split an order and they were delicious.

Next stop, spaghetti. Why not.

We each had a bowl of spaghetti and it too was delicious.

Sister 2 had to have her deep fried Twinkie. She loved it.

Still not sure about SPAM prepared this way. Although I do love SPAM now thanks to South Korea and all the SPAM I ate while living there.

Last year I didn't have a pronto pup but I did this year.


New this year, mashed potatoes on a stick.

Oh no, we didn't try this. We still prefer the term casserole even though we both has lived in Minnesota decades.

Sister 2 wanted these. I was grossed out but indulged her.

We got the gourmet pickles with the cream cheese centers.

They don't look too bad.

They tasted delicious.

What??? Fried fruit. Hmmm.

Sister 2 also wanted a deep fried Snicker's bar.

Oh yeah!

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