Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paper Flowers

I saw this paper flower kit while browsing on Etsy . I knew it would be a perfect addition to my blue bathroom. It's made by Paper Platypus and comes with everything you need to make a bouquet of flowers so I bought a kit. The instructions were thorough and easy to follow with lots of step by step photos.
I already had the vase and just went to JoAnn's to get the glass pebbles. I'm terrible at floral arranging and usually leave that to the professionals. I had trouble getting the flowers to look the way I wanted and then keeping them in that position. I solved that problem by organizing the bouquet in my hands then I used floral tape to tape it together. Problem solved!
They look gorgeous and I made them myself.
Making my own paper flowers reminded me of Paper Roses by Marie Osmond. It was one of my favorites:


  1. lovely! hard to believe Ms. Osmond was only 14 when that song was a hit! I feel old!


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