Saturday, August 7, 2010

Uptown Art Fair

Once a year in Minneapolis a wonderful thing occurs. They close down a very busy street (Hennepin Avenue) and have an art fair. This is just not any art fair, it's juried and artists from all over the country hope to be able to be in it. I haven't gone in years and when #2 sister wanted to go, I was thrilled. I hate to go by myself.

We got there at 10:30am on Friday and got a great parking space. As we started walking we noticed people were setting up. Then we found out that the first day it starts at 12:00.

What to do while we wait? If you know that area of Minneapolis, it has wonderful restaurants and coffee shops. So we sat with a cup of coffee for awhile and then ate at Old Chicago while we waited.

It wasn't too busy when it first opened which was fine with us. The weather was also perfect, in the low to mid 80's and no chance of rain.

I thought I was back in South Korea when I saw this guy just sitting on a table. I didn't see a price take and it wasn't in a booth but I wondered what Rocketman would say if I brought him home. He sure was pretty.

There was also a paella stand.

And lots of art!

My sister bought this table for her family room.

The artist worked in ceramic tile that she made herself and stone.

Some of the booths had signs for no pictures so I took a picture only at booths that allowed pictures.

I loved these ceramic bowls.

My sister bought one of these hats for Hayley, her daughter and Hayley loved it.

I found this guy that made amazing jewelry out of polymer clay. While I was looking at his jewelry, someone came up to him and asked him if it was polymer clay. He told her that it was polymer not polymer clay. I touched the necklace and it was indeed polymer clay.

I took his business card and when I got home I went to his website and it says that he works in polymer clay. I think that polymer clay still gets a bum rap when it comes to fine art and that is why he said what he did.

After a few hours, the crowds thickened.

I loved this guy's sign.

I thought this would look great in #3 Sister's yard.

This looked way too real for me.

These were copper pieces enameled. They were gorgeous.

I bought a few things. This little bowl.

This picture frame made by the same lady that made the table my sister bought.

I thought this was so cool too.

Now I need some flowers for it.
I was so glad I decided to bring Rocketman's backpack instead of my purse. We ended up filling it and still had pieces to carry. If you ever get a chance to go to the Uptown Art Fairl, go! One year I met Prince at it. It was when he was going by the symbol. I was waiting for my girlfriend who was in the bathroom. He looked at me and so I said, "Hey!" He smiled and said, "Hey, yourself" and off he walked with his two ginormous bodyguards. He also had 4 inch platform shoes on and was dressed in black leather which would be fine except it was in the upper 80's and humid.


  1. Very nice... I live here in Stillwater, MN and still didn't have a opportunity and time to pass by this fair, but now I saw your pictures I can't wait for the next.


  2. The guy with the polymer jewelry had a booth at ACCI when I was there in 2008. I really like his style.
    As for just calling it "polymer", that was a topic of discussion at Synergy this year. 6 months later, I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I can appreciate the desire to make people think that polymer clay is a real art medium, not just something kids play with.


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