Tuesday, July 26, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 30 - Final Post

In October, it will be a year since our latest trip to South Korea and this is my final post. We did so many things the two weeks we were there and I am surprised I had 30 posts on our adventures. It really was too much in too short of time and I think next time we go, we will go for three weeks. Hellena, our dear friend lives in Busan and we will always need a trip there whenever we visit. We also have many friends in the Seoul area and then when you add in shopping and some craft classes, the days flew by. The photo above I took while visiting Hellena in Busan. We were eating at a restaurant and there was a darling little girl eating with her family. She removed her shoes under the table and I found the shoes enchanting.
A swarm of hanboks in the subway in Seoul.
We also went to Dongdaemun to pick up some fabric and I found the special fabric I was looking for. My favorite vendor went out of business years ago and I haven't found a consistent replacement.

I love this panoramic view Rocketman shot.
I also stopped by my favorite Dongdaemun underground bojagi fabric shop. I didn't leave empty handed. I have a project in mind but I haven't hand time to start it. But I could look at this bag all day long. The colors are so beautiful.
She also was selling darling handmade stitched heart pendants. I couldn't resist.

She also had these handmade apple pins.
Hannah gave me the latest obsession. It is a piece of plexiglass and you rub it over your nails and your nails look like you put a coat of clear nail polish on them. Pretty cool!
The fabric I bought in Dongdaemun.
I will always treasure this owl ring that Metal Guy gave me. His talent takes my breath away.
We are not going to Korea this year and that's the first time we haven't returned since we lived there. But I have a feeling we will be returning in 2017. It calls to both myself and Rocketman. I just need to talk Rocketman into three weeks.
Here is a video of a cool baby item Hellena had for her twin. The baby chews and can eat the fruit juice: 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 29 - Namdaemun - Rocketman's Photos

      Ajumma heaven! Namdaemun is a great place to find all your ajumma needs including clothing.
It was unusually quiet the day we visited. We went on a weekday which helped a lot and also in the morning. Watch out on the weekends, it can be brutal.
                                                                           Moon guys!

I wanted to pick up a couple of metal lunch trays and this poor guy had to climb into the rafters to find them for me. So to say they pack in the goods is an understatement.
 Ajumma shoes! Alas, they never have my size which is a 9 1/2. I like that they were slip-ons because it makes eating out a whole lot easier when you it comes to removing your shoes.
                         Sometimes I get sensory overload with everything there is to look at.

                                                                     Love this picture!
I stopped by my favorite bead store. It's on the fifth floor of a building off the main street of Namdaemun. We would have never found it years ago if not for Hellena.
                           It's beads and beads. The entire floor has little shops like this one.
The hard part is that there are no prices so you have to ask. They also only take cash so I always take great care when I'm there. Rocketman always seems to find a lone chair close by which helps a lot. 
Here are the metal lunch trays! They are much fun for the grandboys. They love that I fill each section with something different. I need to pick up some more our next trip.

I'm getting near the end of blogging about our Korea 2015 trip. We did squeeze so much in those few weeks and I can really see it as this is my 29th post.

Monday, June 6, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 28 - Namdaemun

Whenever we visit Korea, Namdaemun is one of our must stops. It's a huge tourist attraction and the main road is difficult to navigate at times due to the amount of people and scooters. Then throw in some vendors that just set up a table or a sheet on the floor in the middle of the street to display their wares and it can be a zoo. But that is also the charm of Namdaemun.
      I love to watch the food vendors working like crazy to feed the masses that pass by their stalls.
                                        There is so much to see, smell and hear in Namdaemun.
                                                        And then there are the socks!
                 Sized for small feet not my 9 1/2 size. In Korea, they call my feet "BIG SIZE."
                                                             But they still are fun to look at.

It seems that almost every time we are in Namdaemun we discover a new alley. This time it was a very narrow alley lined with food vendors.
They all knew a little bit of English, enough to try and get our attention as we walked by pointing to one of their empty stools. 
 We decided to eat lunch just across the street of Namdaemun at a little restaurant with a ton of food offerings.
                                                                This was the menu.
                                               They also had a picture menu on the wall.

                                         Rocketman decided on the mandu guk (dumpling soup).
                                                                           Side dishes.
                                                       I was hungry for kimchi jjigae.
                                  We also ordered some kimbap. The food was delicious!
         As we made our way back to Namdaemun, I saw a Buddha on the roof of a building.
Not sure what he was doing up there but it was cool to see. If you ever visit Namdaemun or anywhere in Korea, get lost. You won't believe the amazing things you will find when you go off the beaten path.
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