Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wooden Bracelets by the Grandboys

This was another Christmas present the grandboys made for their momma. I already had everything required in my craft supplies. What you need to make one is: wooden bracelet, pencil, sharpies and Mod Podge. Bracelets above from left to right: Noah's, Ezra's and Judah's.

Noah wanted to freeform it so he skipped this step. Judah did too because he wasn't quite 3 so I had to really keep an eye on him when he used the Sharpies. This is Ezra's bracelet design. First I had him sketch his drawing in case he made a mistake it would be easy to erase.
                                            I then traced his design with a black Sharpie.

                         Then I gave him the colored Sharpies and let him color in his design.
                                           He did an incredible job on it and was so patient.

Then I had the two older boys sign their name on the inside of the bracelet. I coated the bracelets with two coats of Mod Podge. On Christmas day, momma opened their gifts and loved them. It was a really fun way to wear a piece of art.

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