Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

Last week I was able to complete covering my hanji project.  This is what it looked like after being completely covered in white hanji paper.
This is the hanji paper that I will be using.  My teacher picked it out and I was surprised to see that it's the University of Minnesota colors, maroon and gold.  How appropriate since that is where we live back in the States, Minnesota.
This was the hanji paper for the inside of the drawers.
My teacher also showed me this antique pot that she had just acquired.  She said that it was an old time water jug and that women would carry it on their head.
She also had an antique water ladle that she said was a gourd cut in half.  She sent me home with the other half as a gift.
This is an old time rice box that a fellow hanji girl is working on.  It looks like a painting but is completely made with hanji paper.
                                                     This is the side of the box.
                               This is a picture of the two drawers covered in hanji paper.
                          Here is the front completely covered with hanji paper.
                                                This is a photo of the back and the side.
                             I was sent home with this homework to cut out for class on Monday.
This is what my homework looked like when I finished cutting it all out.  It's going to mimick metal hardware on my hanji piece.  I have no idea where it all goes but I'm confident my teacher knows.

I Wish Target Had This

We were at Home Plus the other day and decided to eat in the food court.  We looked at the plastic food in the cases and decided on this.  It was a new offering and contained a lot of Korean fast food.

It was two trays full of food for only 12,000 WON ($10 USD).  As we ate, I kept thinking how will I ever live without this and why can't Target carry this kind of food.
                   This sauce was really sweet and it was served over cold noodles.
                                        Ramyeon, spicy and delicious.  Enough said.
Ddeokbokki with the fishcakes.  I love it with the fishcakes.  It's also a spicy little number that will clear out the stuffiest nose better than a decongestant.

I'm way behind on my posting with the Christmas Day extravaganza so I'm hoping to do a couple extra posts to get caught up. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmad Day in South Korea - Part 4 Dinner!

We met Hannah near the Jamsil Station which was close to the restaurant where we were going to eat dinner.  Hannah called to try and make reservations but they didn't take them for only three.  They opened at 5 pm and it was a little after four when we met so we stopped at a local coffee shop to wait.
                        I love to people watch at coffee shops.  Couples are so cute and entertaining.
When we got to the restaurant with 10 minutes to spare to find the place packed already.  We got our beeper and sat down to wait.  It was only about 20 minutes and our beeper went off.  This restaurant is so popular because the food is delicious and it's only 14,000 won ($12 USD) a person.
                                     A picture while waiting for our food to arrive.
                                                   It arrived very quickly.

We ate till we could eat no more.  Then Hannah wanted to go to a coffee shop.  Hey, it was only our third time to a coffee shop that day.
                              We saw this couple playing a game that we did not recognize.
                                                                      This was mine.

You should have seen this guy's hair!  I thought he was a girl at first.  It was so cute, they were exchanging Christmas gifts.

                                   Hannah and me.  I really need to do something about my bangs.

I have a video showing how the food was delivered at the restaurant.  They use a cart and just push the tabletop fully loaded with food onto your table.  They remove it the same way.

The second video was at the last and final coffee shop of the day.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day in South Korea - Part 3 Myeongdong Street Food!

I'm going to let these pictures speak for themselves.  The food was plentiful and everything you could imagine.  Korea is truly an experience not only for your eyes but for your taste buds.

I also took a video of this amazing ajumma working like crazy to keep up with the demand:

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