Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

This was my honmework.  I had to cut through three layers of hanji paper and the hanji paper was pretty thick.  It also didn't help that the pattern was incredibly small.  The one above is showing what I went home with and I was suppose to cut out all the white area.  I did pretty good until I got to the center and  then I had a terrible time of it.  I had three of these to do to make the nine drawer coverings.

I did complete the first one but it looked horrible in the center.  I knew that I had two more to do and then I got to thinking.  Hey, most of that will be covered with the hole and the knob so why waste my time and I cut out the center out. 

I was a little nervous to show my teacher because nobody does that.  They do their best and cut out what they should.  But I worried for naught, she laughed a little and showed everyone but said that it was okay.  The knob will be in the center and I think it will look great.
                                        This is what my box looked like when I got to class.
These are the drawers after I glued the patterns.  I really like the turquoise and black.  I don't know why more girls don't use the turquoise but maybe they will now after seeing this.  They all really liked it.  I had to give everything a coat of hanji glue and that took most of the classtime.  I'll be going back on Thursday to finish it up with a coat of varnish.
Today I had an appointment at the jewelry doctor (he's really a dermatologist).  I was scheduled for some more laser work on my chicken pox scar and I also had developed a painful plantar's wart that I needed to have removed.  I had it for months but it was getting very painful.  I had looked on the Internet for home remedies and I did try the duct tape for one week and it didn't work.

I hadn't had one since I was a teenager and even then I think it was only once and I had to have it burned off with liquid nitrogen.  I had hoped treatment had changed by then but I wasn't so lucky.  I went in for my appointment and I told jewelry doctor about it.  He wanted to look at it.  He said that in Korea, they are called corns.  I thought it was caused by a virus but he said that in Korea they are caused by wearing high heels.  I didn't tell him that I only wear high heels maybe once a year.

He confirmed that they use liquid nitrogen to remove it but that it might take several treatments and if I continue to wear high heels, it most certainly will come back.  No worries there.  We went into a treatment room and he said he was first going to cut some of the dead skin away.  I asked if they numbed it at all and he said that it didn't work in this case.  I was really nervous then and when he started cutting, the cutting didn't hurt but he was pressing on the wart and that really hurt.

Then a nurse brought in a little canister and he warned that it may hurt a little.  Right.  He started and it hurt terribly.  I thought it would be quick but it went on and on.  He went back again and again.  I don't remember it being like that when I had been treated before when I was young.  He finished and they put a bandaid on it.

Then the numbing cream for my chicken pox scar and a 20 minute wait that turned into an hour since a patient wanted to talk.  I was put in a different treatment room than the one I had always had. One of the nurses speaks good English and she came and told me what was going on and kept me company along with two other nurses. He finally came in and apologized for the delay.

I had been there many times before so I knew what to expect but when he started it hurt like he was using a knife.  He did it for a few minutes and I must have had tears in my eyes and didn't know it because he suddenly stopped and a nurse was drying my eyes.  He felt so bad and had me moved immediately into my old room and he began with that laser.  No pain.  I don't know what the difference was with the lasers but if I need anymore in the future, I'm avoiding that other room.

We finished and he wants to see me in three weeks unless there is a blister on my foot then he wants me to come in tomorrow.  But I think if you have the liquid nitrogen it creates a blister so I don't know what I'm going to do. I sure don't want him poking around down there again. 

I also picked up these socks awhile ago and they really applied to the day I was having.  Here in Korea instead of saying "good luck" or "break a leg," they say  화이팅 hwaiting which sounds a lot like fighting.  There is no "f" in the Korean language.

I've been taking it easy since I've been home and keeping my leg up.  It feels better that way.  Tomorrow I have bojagi at my apartment so it's an easy day.  And the girls are coming over!!!  Hannah, Hellena (from Quatar and if she can get a flight) and Jennifer are coming for a sleepover.  It's been too long.  Rocketman also returns and he should get in by 10 pm.


  1. I love the blue/turquoise with the black.

    I wonder if the crystal in one laser is older than the other. I am getting laser hair removal done on my underarms and I know when the crystal gets replaced because it hurts a lot more.

  2. Thanks Sandra. I have no idea but I'm going avoid that one if I need anymore treatments. It was soooooo painful.

  3. Maybe see if someone can send you some over the counter wart remover from the US?

  4. Thanks so much for highlighting these fabulous Korean crafts. I'm teaching a unit on Asian art and finding any art projects accessible to kids is really hard to find on the web! Thanks for posting :) I think we'll be doing this one over the marbleized paper (Suminagashi) we made the other day.


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