Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bojagi Thimbles!

 Oh Korea, just when I think I've seen all the beauty your country has to behold, my bojagi teacher brings this to class today.  Now, American thimbles are functional but just plain ugly.  They are not meant to stimulate your mind but to protect your fingers from  a rogue needle. I told KJ that they reminded me of tiny paintings, so beautiful and delicate but very useful.
                             She even had some with a chasu (Korean embroidery) on them.

                                      These were some unfinished ones that she had.

                                      This is the type of thimble I am going to make.
 I started with three layers of ramie which is very stiff and my homework is to complete the circle.  This is how it looked when class ended.
                                       This is what it should look like when it is finished.
                       She also left me a couple of these.  Now get your heads out of the gutter.
 Wearing one helps you pull the needle through the layers of ramie.  It keeps the needle from slipping.
 After class I ran to Suwon Station to pick up a couple Christmas presents.  As usual, I was drawn into Etude House by the cuteness.  I bought more facemasks.  They are only 1000 WON (80 cents USD) each.
                   Then I saw this little French maid perfume bottle and added her to my basket.
This was something new they had.  It's a perfume roll-on and Ms. Twinkle was saying "Yes, Yes" as I put her into my basket.
But the coolest part of Etude House is the free stuff they put in your bag.  It took a few minutes for the checkout girl to gather all the things she gave me.  I love that place!

I better get to my homework.  KJ wants me to complete three circles for homework.  I miss my Rocketman but he will be returning on Friday.


  1. could you please tell me where i could encounter these charming little thimbles? thanx--

  2. These were brought as samples by my bojagi teacher. They were made by her. I'm not sure where you could find them, maybe in Insadong.

  3. BB cream! I've never tried it, but I really want to. I'm thinking of buying some from brtcstore.com

    I cross stitch, but I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do bojagi.

  4. BB cream is very popular over here but it all has whitening in it so I won't use it.

    Bojagi is great for when you want to keep your fingers busy. You can leave it and pick it up and remember where you were.


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