Sunday, December 11, 2011

Korean Miniature Class - Street Food Cart

This is the Korean street food cart that we were going to construct in class.  Everything you see is handmade.  It was the largest class yet for me with six students including myself.  It was also the first class I had ever had that was taught by the owner.  You can see her to the right of this photo on her smartphone.
                           The first thing we did was to cut out the stools and glue them.
Next we cut out the tops of the stools and had to sand them.
                          These are my stools, spraypainted and glued together.
Next was welding.  We welded the top of the cart.  My teacher had a chart and all the pieces were cut to size.  I was lucky that she used constructing mine as the demo so I didn't actually do any welding.
The top was first cut out in cardboard and then the awning was cut out.  Both were patterns we traced.  Then we used doublestick tape to attach.
This was a piece of foamcore board without the cardboard on top which makes it soft and easy to score.  That gave the bricks their realistic look but I never know it could be so easy.  I used a pencil to score it.
                  This is what it looked like when finished and it will be the base for the display.
                                                   Next we made the fence.
The last thing we did was make the cart top.  I had a great time and I can't wait for next week when we finish the cart and make all the street food.  I don't know how we will get it all done in six hours.

I usually find it difficult to catch a taxi after class but today I got lucky.  When I got in, the taxi driver immediately understood where I wanted to go (maybe my Korean is improving).  Then he did something surprising, he changed the radio station from Korean trot to American music.  He smiled at me when he did it and I told him thank you in Korean. 

It would have been a perfect day except Rocketman left this morning shortly after 7 am to fly to Japan.  If you are keeping track, he's been gone for the past three weeks.  But at least he is home for part of the weekend, usually arriving Saturday afternoon and leaving Sunday morning.  But it's better than if we were in the States because he would be gone the entire time including weekends.  He is also less fatigued, instead of the 14 hours, it's 3.  He figures it will be crazy like this for 4-6 months.


  1. Wow. The brick looks so real. I like the light/telephone? pole coming out of the sample cart.

    Rocketman... poor guy. Must be a busy time of year.

  2. this is super cute. i love your posts about korea--found your site by googling 'pojagi' and like the in-depth info you do on korean crafts.


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