Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hanji Exhibition at the Hwaseong Palace

When I got to hanji class yesterday I found my teacher missing and everyone trying to tell me what was going on, of course in Korean.  I still had my coat on when one of the gals put her arm through mine and off we went.  I figured out there must be an exhibition as we made our way to a building next to the Hwaseong Palace.  We went into the basement to find a hanji exhibition.  There I found my teacher and others from hanji class.  I had them ask if I could take pictures and they said no until they saw me and then said I could.  I was so grateful.  I took a ton of pictures.  Now you can see why I love hanji so much.  I couldn't believe the talent I saw.

                                                                      A closer look.

 Here is a picture I took of the top.  See all the intricate detail.  That was all cut out by hand using an Exacto knife.



 The hanji people are a favorite of mine.  My hanji teacher told me they are very, very difficult to make.  I was amazed at the detail.

                                                               This was huge.


I would be amiss if I didn't comment about the death of Kim Jong Il.  I am scared to be quite honest but that comes from never having to live in a world where your next door neighbor is an enemy.  I hope for not reunification between the Koreas but peace and harmony.  This penisula has been through so much, too much and deserves peace. 

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