Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Wish Target Had This

We were at Home Plus the other day and decided to eat in the food court.  We looked at the plastic food in the cases and decided on this.  It was a new offering and contained a lot of Korean fast food.

It was two trays full of food for only 12,000 WON ($10 USD).  As we ate, I kept thinking how will I ever live without this and why can't Target carry this kind of food.
                   This sauce was really sweet and it was served over cold noodles.
                                        Ramyeon, spicy and delicious.  Enough said.
Ddeokbokki with the fishcakes.  I love it with the fishcakes.  It's also a spicy little number that will clear out the stuffiest nose better than a decongestant.

I'm way behind on my posting with the Christmas Day extravaganza so I'm hoping to do a couple extra posts to get caught up. 


  1. If Target had that I would drive across town every day! And maybe even two times a day!

    I bought everything to make ddukbokki and odeng, some times I add raymun too, I think that is actually called rabokki but I'm not certain.

    When you move back to the states, if you live some place with a good Asian store you can make most of this yourself. I know its not the same as just ordering it, but if you get cravings like I do, knowing how to make it helps.

  2. I did find "Koreatown" in St. Paul and visited there a lot when we first moved back. The ajumma that runs a local Korean store even offered to come to my house and cook me a Korean meal. All because I said thank you in Korean to her. She was shocked and so happy.


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