Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Bojagi From Yesterday

I finished my bojagi pouch.  I love the colors of the satin.  I'm going to Dongdaemun tomorrow to check out Satin Guy's new shop.  I also love the "tulip" cord endings.  They look just like a tulip to me.  I used maedeup cording to tie it all together.
I love to pick up children's books here in Korea.  You can really learn about the culture and it's an inexpensive souvenir.  I have one other book by the same author that I had purchased a few years ago.
     This is a common afterschool sight.  Kids drawn to video games positioned outside of stores.
  This is a great picture of a typical street food cart.  The artist really captured everything you would see.
This is a common punishment for Korean children even in schools.  Holding your arms up until you are told to stop.  I think it's pretty common since I've also seen it alot on television with the reality shows which feature Korean families in daily life.  Maybe I should ask the expert at Ask A Korean or my Korean girlfriends.


  1. I love the contrasting fabric colors on your pouch. They go together well.

    The book is called "Lie."

  2. The last entry made me laugh A LOT because this was a punishment my mother employed. On a day where I was particularly bad I had to hold up a book in each hand. Did this bring me back :)

    Loving this blog - I'm the only one in our family who hasn't been to Korea day though ;)

  3. Wow......I like your all's help me a lot ......thank u very much for that.......but I need ur help .....I want to make this kind of pouch......can u put pix for that?.......

  4. I will be offering a kit on this bojagi in my Etsy shop very soon.


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