Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Great Christmas Gift Idea!

When I was in Dondaemun yesterday I walked by a shop that sold calendars.  I'll tell you in a minute what caught my eye initially.  It was the first I had seen calendars with things about Korea instead of Monet and kittens.  I was excited as I looked through several.  I chose this one because of the hanji.

Then I chose two more that had gorgeous pictures of Korea.  These pictures are worthy of framing they are so good.  I paid less than 5000 WON ($4.70 USD) each which is an unbelieveable good deal.  It also got me to thinking that these would make great Christmas gifts especially for those on a tight budget.  It's a little late for this Christmas but it's something to think about next year.  I took some pictures of the calendars for you to see.

 Now comes the part where I tell you what caught my eye.  Skip over the next two pictures if you don't like to see boobies.  That's what I saw when I walked by and I was shocked!
 They were right next to the calendars of women in hanboks.  It's just not something I see in the U.S.
 I also bought a newspaper for the first time.  I thought actually living in South Korea when Kim Jong Il died was pretty amazing (scary but amazing).  I bought the newspaper as a keepsake.
                         This was the front page of this particular South Korean newspaper.
                                                             Mourners in North Korea.
                                                                       Family tree.

And I left wondering how this sweet and innocent looking child could grow up to be such a monster.  I will never know the answer to that but I hope this family tradition stops now. 

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