Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve in South Korea

I got a call from Choi, my yoga buddy on the 23rd asking what we were doing Christmas Eve and I told him that we weren't doing anything.  He wanted to meet for dinner at the famous Chinese restaurant that is very close to our apartment.  I had been there once before with him and his family and the food was really good.
 We got there early so I took a few pictures.  This is their coffee machine which is located in the entrance to the restaurant.  A waiter with a tray came out and made coffee for some customers and then brought it back into the restaurant to their table.
                                                There was also this display of cool looking things.
 Luckily, Rocketman and I had did some last minute Christmas shopping and we bought Choi's granddaughter a jewelry making kit.  It was so cool I wanted one for myself.  She was so excited.  She had seen it with her parents and they didn't let her get it.  We also got her little brother a Lego set and she said it was the one he wanted. 
Grandma was helping her put it together as we finished up dinner.  We ate the course set which was about five or six different servings of food.  We were stuffed by the time we left.
 Rocketman took these pictures without my knowledge while we were leaving the restaurant.

                                  The is the larges maedeup I have ever seen.  It is HUGE.

                  We also had the hostess take a picture of us.  We had the best time.
 I also got this as a gift.  They sure know what I like.  It is beautiful.
I loved the hanji wrapping paper and I saved that to use in my hanji.  We had a great Christmas Eve.  Now wait until you hear what we did on Christmas day.  That will be in tomorrow's post.

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