Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rocketman! I Found The Perfect Christmas GIft For Me!!

Rocketman is a real busy guy but he does try to keep up with my blog.  I had to mail a package at our local post office and look what I found on the way.........a squat toilet!  I'm thinking that maybe if I had one at home to practice with, I could get up the courage (and thigh muscles) to really use one in the subway bathrooms instead of waiting forever for one of the conventional toilets to open up.  It's just a thought, honey.
I also found out that one of my blog posts is in a contest at buzzKorea.  It's the one called "buzzKorea's Bucheon Hanok Village Tour.  You can vote three times every day here   You do have to register in order to vote but I would appreciate it very much. It ends Dec. 18th.  I'm just honored to have been included in the contest.

I'll let you know if Rocketman picks up that toilet for my Christmas present.


  1. Well also if using it to practice squatting doesn't work out you could always use it as a planter. :)

  2. It would be great exercise for my old knees. I get frustrated when I use the bathroom at a subway station only to find a long line for the one or two Western toilets and plenty of empty squat stalls.


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