Friday, December 16, 2011

I Found Satin Guy!!!!!

It was pretty cold on Thursday but that didn't stop me from going to Dongdaemun in Seoul to find Satin Guy.  I took the Light Blue subway line and got off at #421 Dongdaemun and went out Exit 9.  You will see the Dongdaemun Shopping Complex as you exit.  Actually, right now there is a big gray wall to the left because those clever people at Marriott decided to put a hotel right next to my favorite shopping center.  I bet they will even have a walkway so you would never have to go outside.  We might have to stay there on visits in the future.

Satin Guy is on the second floor of the shopping complex.  He is right across from some the hanbok sellers.  His booth is HUGE now.  It's number 2126.  It is right across from his old booth 2135 (if you go, you can see how tiny it was) and no wonder I didn't recognize the booth, he has anew girl working with him.
He even has a guy with a blue hat working for him too.  You can see Satin Guy by the girl sitting by the computer.  I felt bad keeping her so busy.  I don't know what happened to me there.  All the colors were too much for me and as she cut, I kept pulling out more and more bolts until I was sweating like crazy.  I took a breather from that and ran my fingers through the satin and it started all over again. It was so soft and smooth.  A meter of this, two meters of that.  I was possessed!  I finally had to turn my head to keep from grabbing more bolts of satin.
He had a huge selection of satins and I couldn't stop myself.  This is what I came home with.  I had never seen this satin at his booth before.
                 I bought the chasu pattern in every color combination he had.  It is sooooo beautiful.
                        Then some plain satin but it was so hard to decide.  He had every color.
                   This is used as a slip or liner for hanboks but in bojagi it is also used as a liner.
 Then some last minute additions because I couldn't stop.  It doesn't help when I think, "girl, you can't get this back in the States."  I wasn't thinking how I would get this back to Suwon and it was darn heavy. 
Satin Guy also gave me this bundle of scrap satin!  He was so glad that I came!!  Now when was the last time that a fabric shop gave you FREE fabric. 
Since my purse guy was only a few blocks away, I decided to visit him too.  I wanted to pick up a purse or two.
No surprise that I ended up with two.  I had a difficult time hauling all my loot home.  I had a twelve stop subway ride and luckily, I got a seat only after one stop.  Then hauling everything up a ton of stairs because the light blue line is way below the green line and Sadang Station.  Then hauling everything out of the subway to catch the 7770 bus to Suwon.  I was tired and sore by the time I got to our apartment but grinning like I won the lottery. 
                        Here is the business card of my Satin Guy if you are ever in Dongdaemun.
Here is the business card of my Purse Guy.  He is in the Migliore Building which is a few shops south from Doota.
I came home to find a Christmas gift from my cleaning lady.  I wonder how she knows how much I love Etude House???

Rocketman made it home this afternoon safe and sound (soundly sleeping right at the moment).


  1. Yay! Gorgeous. I've seen something like that hangul fabric, but not in satin. (the red one is upside-down in your pic... just so you know!)

  2. Have you ever want to just unroll one of the bolts and roll around on the fabric? That's what seeing your pictures makes me want to do.

  3. Evil, evil post. That bundle of fabric leftovers alone made my jaw drop.


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