Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hanji (Korean Papercrafting) Class

 I finished my latest hanji project.  Everyone loved the turquoise and black.  Originally my hanji teacher wanted me to cover the knobs with turquoise paper but I thought the black would be nicer.  Then she decided I should cover the sides with this funky, wrinkly black hanji paper with silver streaks in it.  I used this paper to also cover the knobs.

                            I love how this turned out which was made by a fellow student.  It is gorgeous.
 I also made a small box.  I am bringing several of these forms home to make some hanji boxes to sell in my Etsy store.
 I've been meaning to take a picture of how the hanji shop is heated.  This is the only heat she uses and it also doubles as a tea warmer so we always have hot tea available at all times.

Usually there isn't a pan of water under the tea kettle but one hanji students was putting another student's hand in the hot water and then she was pinching a couple of her fingers hard enough that the girl yelled out.

I asked my teacher about it thinking she had a sore hand from cutting out hanji patterns.  But no, she actually had a sore lower back.  The lady then came over to me and took my hand and started pinching me pointing to what part of the hand related to what part of the body from stomach to head to heart.  It was really interesting but my fingers really hurt where she was pinching me.  I learn something new just about every day here in Korea.
I finally had all my girls together with me.  It had been a long, long time.  I think it's been a year and a half since Hellena was with us from Quatar.  From the left: Jennifer, Me, Hannah and Hellena.  Jennifer and Hellena had to leave around 12:30 am to head back to Seoul.  Hannah stayed overnight.
Rocketman's flight got in late and for some reason all the foreigners in immigration were required to have their suitcases xrayed.  He was royally you know what.  He also counted and his suitcase was the 341st off the plane.  Not a happy camper.  He arrived home at 11 am but his mood quickly changed when he saw the girls.

We were stayed up until 1:30 am and both Rocketman and Hannah were up before 7 am.  Rocketman had a teleconference at 7 am, the first of three for the day.  I made a bunch of American food and we eat and laughed a lot.  We all wished we could do this more often but I'm so glad we were able to do it.

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  1. I remember that if you have an upset stomach you are supposed to prick your thumb, right above the quick, not underneath by the thumb pad. Apparently it really works because they sell kits in Korean pharmacies that are just little sterilized needles.

    They also do acupressure on the foot that is supposed to coordinate with other places on the body.


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