Friday, December 2, 2011

Gallery Opening at the Hwaseong Fortress

 On Wednesday, I went to a gallery opening at the Hwaseong Fortress.  I was also participating in it.  Here is chilbo and maedeup pieces made by Young-Soo.
                                           This was made by my friend, the bodyguard.

                                        These chilbo pieces were by Nan-Young, my chilbo teacher.

                                                                More by the bodyguard.
                                Metal guy was also there in person and in a piece of his copper art.
                                       My chilbo jewelry boxes were included in the gallery too.

                                               These pieces were made by my hanji teacher.

 She does amazing paintings on cloth and she really wanted me to take her picture so I did.  She is a sweetie and always calls out to me when she sees me around town.

                                                            There was also a lot of food.
          And a pig's head.  Some of the head was cut up into easy to eat pieces.  I was totally grossed out.
                                 There was also a group of Korean kids that played a few songs.

                                                Then bodyguard put money in the pig...

                                           and others followed suit.  The kids loved it.
  Me, not so much.  I had never seen a pig head at a gallery opening and I have been to many now.  All they told me was that it was good whatever that means.
 There was a presentation where several people talked and then each of us had our names read and we stepped forward and bowed.  Then the eating began.
              Then the drinking began.  I stayed with Coke even though bodyguard wanted me to drink soju.
Bodyguard drank A LOT of soju.  I'm not sure how he got home.  I was the first to leave and metal guy gave me a ride home.

I also took some video:


  1. Oh my goodness, I enjoyed looking at each and every photo. (Laughing at the people talking when you were recording the children :) I love your names for the people too! I know who metal guy is but not bodyguard! Yuck by me too re the pig head, ha.

    Your chilbo jewelry boxes are gorgeous. BUT, is that your Christmas clay display too? Love it, so whimsical. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing all the photos and doing explanations.

    hugs xo

  2. Ha! I do remember once seeing a lady using a pig's head to hold a hose while she was washing something under it (other parts of the pig, probably). The hose was held in its teeth.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and now I am stalking it! I've read most of the posts now.

    I am half-Korean, but I've never been to Korea. I am jealous of all the craft and art classes you get to take.

    Pigs are considered fortunate/lucky. So I guess they are trying to bring fortune in (bring buyers in.) I know that you like KPop, I don't know if you like 2PM, but they did a show that had them doing the Pepero couple game with a pig's head. The show explained a little bit about the pig's head bringing in luck.

    Can't wait to see your future classes.

  4. Molly, no that was done by a cake decorating shop but it does look like my old polymer clay creations.

    Helena, I had never seen this at an exhibition opening before. Now, I'll be looking for it.

    Sandra, glad you found me. I do like 2PM but missed that show. You've got to come to Korea sometime. It's fantastic!

  5. Here is the link to the show,

    The pig's head shows up in the second part. You can see 2PM when they are all fresh, it was filmed just a little bit after their debut, so about 2 years ago.

    I am planning on going to Korea. My daughter is 5 right now, I want to wait until she is a little bit older, so she will be able to remember it.


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