Wednesday, June 30, 2010


It's been over twenty years since I first heard of sprinkling systems but I envied the concept. No more chasing sprinklers! No more winding hose only to do it again a few days later. Hoping for rain on those dry summer days so I wouldn't have to chase sprinklers.

Rocketman finally agreed it was time! I got the bids and went with a company that will also get rid of a 15 year old fairy ring we have in our yard. They should up promptly at 8 a.m. and began the work.

This is what they used to dig the lines where the hosing would go.

This is what it looks like after.

We got a lot of this all over the yard at the moment but I can't wait until it's finish.
We also have a permanent sprinkling ban here. We can only water odd-even days and only from 6am -10am and 6pm -10pm on our days. Now we can set the timer and not worry.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Young Seo In

Young Seo In has left her Jewelry days behind and has come out with a CD of ballads. The big hit right now is "Love is Bitter, Pain is Calling." She can sure sing. One of my favorites right now. I still love KPop!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

Class went great yesterday. Everyone was so excited to learn maedeup. I have some extra kits so I put them up for sale in my Etsy shop. This is to make a hapjong maedeup bracelet.

This is to make a dorae maedeup bracelet.

I also have Korean cording that I will be selling. Here is a color chart and I have most of the colors in stock. It is $5.00 for 10 yards. Just send me an email if you are interested:

Busy week getting ready for the folks to come up. We are also having the sprinkler system installed on Wednesday. No more chasing sprinklers!!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marketfest 2010 - White Bear Lake

On Thursday nights White Bear Lake hosts Marketfest. A place you can go and try out food from local restaurants, buy produce grown locally and see the wares of local artisans. They also have bands playing.

Of course, we always stop by Donatelli's for the best Italian food!

Their baked mostaccioli is addictive. They catered our daughter's wedding years ago and I couldn' believe all the compliments we had on the food.

We get there by 6pm when it officially begins and it gets crowded really fast.

Look at that fresh produce.

This guy painted using spray paint.

Can I pass a mini donut stand? Nope, that's Rocketman getting my fix.

How delicious does that look and they taste even better.

I was suprised to see a bubble tea stand. I had that when we visited Taiwan. It's very popular there.
Aren't these the cooliest things. They are ducks and other animals made with rocks and metal. Come on out and I'm sure you'll see us!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Teaching Koreans How to Swear in English

Hilarious! Teaching Koreans the proper way to swear. Warning: Don't watch if swearing offends you. The video also states that children and pregnant women should not watch.

South Korea - Part 11 - What I Came Home With

I bought this from Nan, my Chilbo teacher. So is such a talent!!

This scarf in Namdaemum.

This purse in Dongdaemum and you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on it.

These things in Dongdaemum. What was I thinking that day. I was in a daze and we never went back a second time.

A calendar with the F4 guys from Boys Over Flowers.

Cute cards.

These were also in Dongdaemum.


This is a cross stitch pattern. I haven't cross stitched since the 80's but that is going to change when I have the time or make the time.

I ordered it with everything and she put the kit together while I waited.

She charged my 25,000 won ($25). I thought it was a good deal.

Now for the freebees. The metal friend of my chilbo teacher knew I was looking for Lee Ji Hoon cds. He went all the way to Seoul to find this one for me. It was the only one he could find and it had my favorite song on it.

My teacher made this chilbo picture, framed it and gave it to me.

She also through in this one too.

Her wood friend who had to give me his hat also gave me this wood coasters.

My friend who does Korean hanji (paper crafts) made this box for me.

I got this free from a shop in Namdaemum.

Last but not least, I got a visor. I had to.
I had the best time those two weeks and I'm hoping it will become a yearly advent. We are talking about going in the Fall. I'd love to but there are some house stuff that needs to be replaced like our garage doors.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

South Korea - Part 10 Nami Island - Part 3

My favorite picture of the trip. A day with good friends.

After the island, it was lunchtime so we stopped at a local restaurant. I have video of lunch being made below.

We originally decided to wait for the bus.

But when it never showed, we decided to walk the 2 kilometers. See the couple with their matching couple shirts. We followed them all the way to the train station.

This hair salon is right across the street from the station. I love "Man & Womon The Cutting Room."

Who's yelling? This was a walkway around part of Nami Island. We walked the entire island which is 5 kilometers.

I got some video of the yelling ajosshi. Turns out he was Chinese, NOT Korean. His wife was standing off in the distance while he did this.

Video of that strange looking squirrel. Rocketman was fascinated by it.

This was the guy in charge of making the hot coals. It was a cool day but standing near him was like being in a furnace. I can't imagine what it would be like during a normal Korean summer day.

Lunch was fabulous and I'm glad I got some video of it.

As we pulled into the station in Seoul, the loudspeaker began playing this Beatles song "Let It Be" with Korean instruments. I thought it was beautiful.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

During our vacation in South Korea, I had to visit the maedeup shop near Dongdaemum for some more cording and supplies. The owner recognized me right away and was so excited to see us.

He insisted Rocketman take some pictures.

There is maedeup hanging everywhere! I was in heaven.

This pipe is new from when I was there a year ago and it's displaying maedeup. In fact, someone came in while we were there to put a necklace on it. I think they must do some consigning too.

One of my regrets was to never learn how to make my own cording. It's on my list but I will need to buy one of these.

I dug in right away and started a pile of everything I needed.

But apparently the owner was nervous because he called Hannah. Hellena was supposed to go with us but she was with us so much that her family was getting upset with her so I told Rocketman we could do this ourselves. Rocketman found the shop with no problem.

They have so much stuff crammed into this tiny space. I had to ask for a few things and we had a little trouble communicating but not really. I got everything I needed.

I had also brought a couple of my maedeup books for them. Wow, were they happy. So happy that they gave me a huge discount of everything and threw in a bunch of freebees. So if you want a good deal in South Korea, bring presents. Now seeing those boxes in this picture, I wish I would have picked some up. Next time.
I was going to have everything shipped so I wouldn't have to worry about it but it was going to be $100.00 which I thought was a lot so we took it with us. Rocketman was worried that we wouldn't have room in the suitcases but we did.

Friday, June 18, 2010

South Korea - Part 9 Nami Island - Part 2

These are Rocketman's pictures from Nami Island. As I said before, the Korean drama Winter Sonata filmed here. You can see here pictures from the actual drama.

This is where we waited for the ferries to take us across to the island.

This is beautiful. I had never seen anything like it.

Hearts everywhere. These were made with pine needles.

Pretty crafty!

Spring was the perfect time to come. Everything was in bloom.

You could take this petal ride but it went to high for Rocketman.

We also find this crafty Korean who made the cutest bottle caps.

These are the ones I bought. I forgot what they say. But the middle one with the poo is about eating and pooing.

He also made robots out of old computer parts.

There was also a sculptures out of clay.

I don't know why they all had their pants down.

How's that for a view. I can see why you would want to shoot a drama here. Although they shot mostly in the Winter probably when there were fewer people here.

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

You could also take out paddle boats.

The strangest looking squirrel we had ever seen. I have some video of it too.

It was so breathtaking.
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