Wednesday, June 9, 2010

South Korea - Part 8 Ewha University

I wanted to visit the Ewha University area of Seoul because there were lots of handbag shops with trendy merchandise and great prices for the university student when we lived in Korea.

Of course, by the time we got there Rocketman was getting hungry so we decided to also look for a place to eat. This one caught my eye.

But it didn't seem to offer much if any fish and it was closed anyhow.

So off to find my purse shops. I knew exactly the street they were on. It had only been a year since I was there last. Things couldn't have changed that much but then I remembered that I was in South Korea. Low and behold, all those purse shops I loved had disappeared.

I found a lot of these. My girlfriend, Hellena, loved to wear this over sized sweatshirts with leggings.

We went down every street and then Rocketman's stomach couldn't be denied anymore. We had also spotted a School Food which has the most fantastic kimbap.

We were the only ones in the restaurant since it was before 12 noon when all of South Korea eats. When the wait person saw us enter, there was a panicked look on his face and he returned to the rear of the restaurant to talk to the ajumma cook. The conversation continued for about 5 minutes until he finally looked at me and I motioned him over Korean style.
He reluctantly came to our table and was pleased that we spoke Korean enough to order. Rocketman ordered me a regular Coke and himself a Diet which they use the phrase "Coke Zero" pronounced very slowly. Here's a hint, do you see any Diet Cokes anywhere in the cooler in the photo above?

He gave the order to the ajumma and then a heated conversation ensued. He then wente to the cooler giving it a thorough look and went back to the ajumma sheepishly. Ajumma got on the phone and another 5-10 minutes later this poor guy came up to us trying to explain that there wasn't any Diet Coke. We had already figured this out.

So Rocketman told him that mul (water) was fine. The relieved waiter went to the back again to get another verbal lashing from the ajumma.

We got out kimbap and Rocketman had ordered my favorite, Spam! It was delicious. The only problem was that I never got my regular Coke. We just let that pass because the poor waiter had been upset enough as it was.

As we passed a side street, we say this taco place. It seems more taco places had been turning up in Seoul. They are working on a Taco Bell in Itaewon that is suppose to open soon. It's probably the type of food I missed the most the two years we were in South Korea.

I'm not sure where this was on our way around Seoul but it was definitely the longest escalator I had ever been on. I had Rocketman take this picture when we had already been on it about a quarter of the way.
Ewha kinda turned out to be a bust for me but I knew we would be going to Namdaemum Market and they would be a ton of shopping to be had. Poor Rocketman!


  1. I love that. ("What is this? Fish and Chips!" "What is this fish and chips?" "What is this, fish and chips?" "What? Is this fish and chips?")

    The first one (top left) says "fish and chips original" and the next one says "fish and chips India curry." Third one appears to be "fish and chips hub garlic." Whatever that means. Next "fish and chips hot spicy."

    (This doesn't really look like the sort of place where I would enjoy eating)

  2. That's the escalator in the Ewha Women's U subway station. I used to live a stone's throw from that station, so I know it well. Maybe you didn't enjoy shopping there because you were looking for something specific and were possibly rushed. That happens to me when I'm feeling rushed. Spam kimbap.....hahaha. I'm not a spam fan, but it looks kind of yummy....


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