Friday, June 4, 2010

South Korea - Part 7

Another first for us during our vacation in Seoul was to see a Korean musical. Hellena knew how much I loved Lee Ji Hoon and knew he was appearing in a musical in Seoul. That girl somehow got us 4th row seats to his musical. I couldn't believe how great the seats were. We were only a few feet from the stage.

Little did Hellena know was that they rotated the two main stars and we got this guy

instead of Lee Ji Hoon. Through most of the musical, Rocketman insisted that it was indeed Lee Ji Hoon but I knew his face and voice and although the other guy was very good, he was not my Lee Ji Hoon.
How can you forget this voice:

The musical was fantastic even though we knew little Korean. It was such an experience.

I was a little surprised to find that we were the only foreigners in the audience.

But if you are ever in Seoul and can take in a play or a musical, do it. It was magical.
I also took a video of the hotel we stayed in while in Seoul. It was for extended stays and it was huge and included a free breakfast.

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