Friday, June 18, 2010

South Korea - Part 9 Nami Island - Part 2

These are Rocketman's pictures from Nami Island. As I said before, the Korean drama Winter Sonata filmed here. You can see here pictures from the actual drama.

This is where we waited for the ferries to take us across to the island.

This is beautiful. I had never seen anything like it.

Hearts everywhere. These were made with pine needles.

Pretty crafty!

Spring was the perfect time to come. Everything was in bloom.

You could take this petal ride but it went to high for Rocketman.

We also find this crafty Korean who made the cutest bottle caps.

These are the ones I bought. I forgot what they say. But the middle one with the poo is about eating and pooing.

He also made robots out of old computer parts.

There was also a sculptures out of clay.

I don't know why they all had their pants down.

How's that for a view. I can see why you would want to shoot a drama here. Although they shot mostly in the Winter probably when there were fewer people here.

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

You could also take out paddle boats.

The strangest looking squirrel we had ever seen. I have some video of it too.

It was so breathtaking.


  1. 행복해야해 means "be happy" (like must/have to be happy)

    아빠~!! 사랑해요... means "Dad~!! Love [you]..."

    I can't really see all of the fourth one but it's about friends and friendship.

    엄마~!! 사랑해요... means "Mom~!! Love [you]..."

  2. The poop one says (I'm pretty sure)

    Eat well and (grunting nose) poop well.

  3. Ah ha! I just got it. It's a play on words. "잘먹고 잘 살다" means "eat well and live well." If you change the 살 to 싸 (which sounds pretty similar) it says "eat well and poop well." Which makes all kinds of sense.


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