Friday, June 25, 2010

South Korea - Part 11 - What I Came Home With

I bought this from Nan, my Chilbo teacher. So is such a talent!!

This scarf in Namdaemum.

This purse in Dongdaemum and you wouldn't believe the compliments I get on it.

These things in Dongdaemum. What was I thinking that day. I was in a daze and we never went back a second time.

A calendar with the F4 guys from Boys Over Flowers.

Cute cards.

These were also in Dongdaemum.


This is a cross stitch pattern. I haven't cross stitched since the 80's but that is going to change when I have the time or make the time.

I ordered it with everything and she put the kit together while I waited.

She charged my 25,000 won ($25). I thought it was a good deal.

Now for the freebees. The metal friend of my chilbo teacher knew I was looking for Lee Ji Hoon cds. He went all the way to Seoul to find this one for me. It was the only one he could find and it had my favorite song on it.

My teacher made this chilbo picture, framed it and gave it to me.

She also through in this one too.

Her wood friend who had to give me his hat also gave me this wood coasters.

My friend who does Korean hanji (paper crafts) made this box for me.

I got this free from a shop in Namdaemum.

Last but not least, I got a visor. I had to.
I had the best time those two weeks and I'm hoping it will become a yearly advent. We are talking about going in the Fall. I'd love to but there are some house stuff that needs to be replaced like our garage doors.


  1. Oh, I love the chilbo with the persimmons. That is just gorgeous! And the little hanbok bears are so cute.

  2. Helena: I wish Rocketman had felt better. I would have done more shopping. There is always next time. There is nothing better than shopping in Korea.


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