Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trader's Market - Elko, Minnesota

Yesterday we went to the Trader's Market in Elko, Minnesota. It's a big flea market. It was a chilly day but perfect weather to step back in time at least for me. We met our daughter and grandboys there and spent the morning exploring and of course, eating. The boys are like their grandpa, hungry all the time.

I spotted this milk box. I remember we had one sitting out on our front porch when I was little and once a week the milkman stopped by and filled it with glass bottles of milk. 
                                                    The first stop was mini donuts!

This vendor took old propane tanks and turned them into darling pumpkins. I really wanted to buy one but I feared it would be stolen if I displayed it on my front porch. The times we are living in.
 Little Judah found Santa and ran to him to have a little chat. It's never too early for Christmas wishes.
 Grandma and the oldest. He still reaches for my hand and I treasure these precious moments.
Brothers! They found some guys to buy.
I only recently remembered the Playskool wooden puzzles I played with so very much as a little girl in the 1960's and got a yearning to see if I could find any.  
I was lucky and found three that I remember from my childhood. They were in excellent condition and $6.00 apiece. So I've started a new collection. The flea market costs $6.00 to enter but if you go to their website and print out tickets you can get in for $5.00 which is what we did. It's one of the most favorites things that my daughter and I like to do together. It's times like these that make the bitter times a little less bitter and a lot more sweet.

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