Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Lighthouse in Grand Marais, Minnesota

There is a small lighthouse in Grand Marais and it is located downtown. It was great that our hotel was close enough that everything in downtown was a quick walk.
                                                          The scenery was beautiful.

                                               The rock formations were very beautiful.
                                                This is the shoreline at Grand Marais.
The walkway to the lighthouse was very narrow in places so when you met others going the opposite way it was a little scary getting around each other.

The Coast Guard station's roof reminded me of the movie "The Birds" only instead of crows it was seagulls. It was the perfect weekend and the weather could not have been better. We definitely want to visit again.

On our drive up we came upon a driver weaving between the shoulder and the lane. In the old days I would have thought the driver was drunk but these days I always assume they are texting or looking at their phone. As we passed the car, we were shocked to find the driver reading a paperback book as he drove. I hit the gas to get far away from him.

I've been spending my days and nights working on bojagi (Korean quilting) table runners. I've also been raking lots of leaves and that is only from one tree. I still have two maple trees to go but they are just starting to change colors so it will be a while yet before the leaves fall. It's snow season here in Minnesota and Rocketman has the snow blower in the garage and ready to go.

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