Saturday, August 28, 2010

Minnesota State Fair - Part 2 - The Crafts

Besides the food at the fair, my most favorite thing is to walk through the Creative Activities building. Sister 2, not so much, so she sat inside the building watching and learning how to weave while I walked the building taking pictures and ooing and ahhhing over all the creativity.

When we first walked in we saw this huge knitted fish.

I loved the embroidery done in this quilt.

The food entries are also in this building.

These were kept in a refrigerator room.

They must have had a special request of the quilts to make quilt fly swatters. They were darling.

This was my favorite too and it won some awards.

Lots of cute ones. I love spending time in this building.


  1. hi Becky,
    I am a new follower of your blog. I first read your other blog (the Korean blog) and I loved it!! My husband is Korean (though he was born and raised in NY) and I am Indonesian. We just had a baby 7 months ago (she looks more Korean than Indonesian lol).
    I enjoyed your Korean blog so much! I learned a lot from reading it. I have never visited Korea before except a 24 hour layover at the Incheon airport and you know the funny thing is that we were at the Incheon airport the day you departed Korea. I found out from your korean blog and I thought that was a cool coincidence!! And we saw KPop's video "Sorry Sorry" at our hotel and at the restaurant. It was a catchy song and I remember it to this day though I only heard it a handful of time. LOL

    I'm sorry for the ramblings. I just want to say that I enjoy both of your blogs. You're such a creative person!! Love all the crafts you do (especially your new Korean quilt blanket).


  2. I love looking at the crafts at the fair! I entered a crocheted piece this year.


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