Thursday, February 11, 2016

South Korea Vacation Part 13 - Visiting my Jewelry Friend, Hyung Mo Kim

I was so excited to be able to visit my jewelry friend, Kim Hyung-Mo. It was just happenstance that I walked by his jewelry shop years ago and I fell in love with his jewelry. The doorway is pretty short so Rocketman always has to really duck to enter but guess what happened this visit? He forgot and banged his head good on the top of the doorway. Poor Hyung-Mo felt so bad and Rocketman was sore and embarrassed.
I have been trying to convince him for a couple of years to open an Etsy shop. He feels his English isn't very good even though it is and I'm happy to share that he did open an Etsy shop so you don't have to go all the way to Korea to buy his jewelry. Here is the link to his Etsy site. I always get compliments when I wear his jewelry and he designs and constructs all his jewelry.
                             Here is a picture of us. I'm so happy to have such a talented friend.

                                    Of course, I couldn't leave without buying a few pieces.

It is one place where I can't help myself and Rocketman totally understands and even helps to pick out jewelry. Hyung-Mo is also so modest and would never call himself talented. I beg to differ. I think the next time we visit Korea, I will see if we could take him and his lovely wife out to dinner.

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