Friday, February 25, 2011


I was following this junior high student the other day and just had to sneak a shot of her jacket. I don't use the "f" word although it may pop into my mind on certain occasions and it did pop into my mind yesterday.

I was walking back to the hotel when I saw ahead of me, an ajosshi (older Korean man) squatting while picking up receipts and money from his wallet. He happen to do this at an alley entrance. As I got closer, I saw a car slowly backing out of the alley. The ajosshi looked up at the car and continued with his wallet organizing.

He was definitely NOT seen by the driver so I ran up to him, grabbed his shoulders and pulled him out of the way of the car just in time. This caused him to fall backwards on his bottom. The driver saw me run over and quickly stopped the car and got out.

I was so busy seeing if he was okay that I didn't see the hand that smacked me in the chest. That woke me up and I backed away from him immediately. He began ranting and raving and giving me a nasty stink eye. The car driver just looked rather confused by the whole situation. I was so mad that I cupped my ear and said "Kamsahamnida!" a few times. Well, of course he yelled louder so I cut my losses, shrugged my shoulders to the car driver and make my way back to the hotel.

You may wonder what I would do if I saw the same situation, I would do exactly the same thing only be prepared I may get whacked in the process.


  1. oh my, how disturbing, but I guess I would do it again too. I don't blame you if you swore.

  2. Wow, you are back in korea? I was looking at Koreanbloglist dot come, and saw “constant crafter in south korea.” Thought some jerk stole your old blog name. so came by just to see this uncrafty jerk . turns out I got all outraged for nothing. Welcome back.

    A longtime lurker


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