Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shopping at Suwon Station

One of the things I love the most about South Korea is the shopping. It is truly incredible. My first shoppin experience was at Suwon Station at the bookstore where I picked up a couple of books. Rocketman and I share a passion for books. These were too cute to pass up. On the left is a cell phone charm. The upper right is a place to put all those point cards you can accumulate. I need our address before I get our Home Plus point card. Just about everywhere you go from Home Plus to a coffee shop, they ask if you have a point card.
On the lower right is some cute book markers. Everything is so cute here! I have to be careful about spending. This time Rocketman is getting paid only into our U.S. account. We opened a Korean bank account and will need to transfer money when we need it. Last time, part of his salary was Korean WON and I never had to worry about it.

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