Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #3

This week's chilbo lesson was finishing a piece at a lower temperature (760C vs 795C) to give an orange peal effect to the chilbo. The heart on the left is using this technique. I thinbk I put the enamel on too thickly and that's why it cracked. It takes time and talent to learn how thick to put on the enamel depending on what you are doing.

The piece on the right is using the technique I learned last week of the watered down enamels to make the designs then using the brush the take out or shape.

Last week, Nan gave me these cards knowing how much I want to learn all the Korean crafts I can during my stay.

I was so excited because pojagi (Korean quilting) is something I've been dying to learn. So I had one of my Korean friends write down in Korean asking if I could take lessons. Nan said I could and I start on March 8th. She and the pojagi teacher will come to my apartment every week. How is that for service? Do you wonder why I get so spoiled here in Korea?
I'm still very sick with a cold. It is one of the worse I have had in years. Nan heard my scraggily voice and coughing and was soooo concerned. She asked if I had gone to the hospital, something you do here if you don't feel well. I told her that I hadn't and as soon as she had me chilboing, she ran out to the neareast pharmacy and brought me back these two medications. One for my cough and one for my throat. She told me to take one of each, three times a day. She wouldn't let me pay her for them either.
Again, do you see why I love this country and the people soooo much!

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  1. Pojagi is so beautiful. I love to see them hanging in a window, like stained glass. There's a Canadian woman in Korea who is learning pojagi and she blogs about it at if you're interested.


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