Thursday, February 17, 2011

Walkabout in Suwon

Last week I had lunch with a fellow ex-pat blogger, Chris in South Korea. We met at Suwon Station and we decided to visit Suwon's Red Light District.

This storefront was open for business by the lady was nowhere to be found so I was able to snap this shot. They sit in the chairs and sometimes you see a leg hanging out the door. When I was here the last time in 2007, the girls were all dressed in white. This time, they were wearing brightly colored clothing.

During the day, most of the Red Light District looks like this. It really lights up and gets busy at night.

One of the side streets.

We also found this "Love Motel" located conveniently near the Red Light District.

Afterwards, we sat down for a delicious lunch. I'm hoping to meet again for a meal and his "Lady in Red" can meet my "Rocketman."
Big days coming up. Tomorrow, we go furniture shopping in Seoul. Last time we were here, we brought our furniture. This time we have to buy furniture or should I say, Rocketman's company is paying for the furniture. A funny thing here is that it is cheaper to buy the furniture rather than rent if it's longer than six months. So the company gave us a figure and hopefully we can get everything we need.
Then on Saturday, we were invited to Choi's house for a homemade bulgogi lunch made by his wife. It is also the day when we will attend my maedeup teacher's son's first birthday. I was unable to attend her wedding so I'm thrilled she invited us. I haven't seen her since I've been back. She is recovering from a surgery. It will be so good to see her.

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