Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pizza School

Pizza School is about the cheapest pizza we have found in South Korea. A medium size pepperoni pizza with two Cokes was 7000WON ($6USD). Most of the pizzas in South Korea are not Western pizza style. They have ingredients on them like sweet potato puree, octopus and sometimes a creamy white sauce.

We always order pepperoni since it is the only Western choice. I love a good Italian sausage pizza but have failed to find one here in South Korea. Costco carries pizzas and their choices are cheese, pepperoni and garbage (everything). The only thing lacking is in the sauce department. They barely put any sauce on the pizza and I'm a saucy girl who loves lots of sauce.

Pizza School is a big hangout of teenager and I'm sure it has to do with their prices.

The leftover boxes are ready by the door.

This Pizza School in Paldumum had a brick ledge exposed on the inside and people had written all over the bricks.

Back in my dating days, we would keep track of how long we were dating in months. Here in Korea, my girlfriends keep track in days. 100 days into a relationship is a big deal. Knowing now how short engagements typically are (anywhere from a month to a few months), I see why they do it.

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  1. Wow, you are back in korea? I was looking at Koreanbloglist dot come, and saw “constant crafter in south korea.” Thought some jerk stole your old blog name. so came by just to see this uncrafty jerk . turns out I got all outraged for nothing. Welcome back.

    A longtime lurker


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