Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moving Monday!

It was a rough month waiting for our apartment to become available. I came down with food poisoning which decided to turn into a nasty cold which I still have. All my Korean friends think I'm crazy because I haven't gone to a doctor or the hospital. In Korea, you go to the doctor for everything from a stomach ache to a cold. Doctor visits are very inexpensive, from $3-$7USD depending on who you see.

The bed at The Dormy was so hard it was like sleeping on the floor. It seemed so much harder than when we stayed here in 2007. We had no problem sleeping then. Maybe we're just getting old. It was also hard never knowing when the maid service came and I would have to leave for about 15 minutes when they did come. I saw one of them when I was leaving and she was sad to see us go.

This was our bedroom and the Dormy.

This was the living area. It was pretty big but we couldn't find anywhere comfort. The couch was as hard as the bed.

So when yesterday came, I was so excited. Jeff and Vanessa helped us load all our luggage their and our car and we were off to the Royal Palace. It felt so good to be back in our same apartment. It was like coming home. We waited for all the furniture to be delivered. We managed a delicious galbi lunch while waiting for a second furniture delivery.

The last delivery came about 4 pm, then we set out to E-Mart to buy household items. We spent about an hour and a half there then it was off to Home Plus for additional items. We ate dinner at Home Plus before we shopped.

This is what Rocketman and I shared.

This is what Jeff ordered, bibimbap.

We bought so much stuff at E-Mart that Jeff suggested that we make some boxes to make it easier to transport it up into the apartment. So at every grocery store you will see an area a table with tape, scissors and broken down boxes. This is where you make boxes to take your stuff home. I made this video of Jeff making our boxes:


  1. You did buy a lot! But you are home now and setting up your household. Fun!!


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