Saturday, March 26, 2011

Big Weekend!

 My last post should have been named "Big Weekend."  We have a lot going on.  My sister got married yesterday at Lambeau Field.  She's a huge packer fan.  Earlier today, Rocketman and I set off for Seoul.  Rocketman had an appointment with a Korean retinal specialist.  As we were waiting to cross the street for the bus, we happened upon this little guy along with his ajumma mommy.  He was shaking like a leaf and it was chilly this morning.

We were meeting Hannah at the eye clinic and she would do the translating for us.  We beat her there and thought we could register ourselves but that turned out to be impossible.
I met this little guy while Rocketman was trying to check in.  He came up to me and spoke really good English.  His father was thrilled that he was helping me but soon he had to get to his appointment.
This is Rocketman trying to check in without Hannah.  The clerk spoke no English and we were told we had to wait for Hannah to arrive.
It's a lot of waiting around and going from one place to another.  To begin with, Rocketman took is own blood pressure with an automatic machine.  Then when his name was called, that information was given to attendant who did a eye test on him.  Then more sitting and waiting for your name.  He went into another exam office that did a glaucoma test and then to the eye drop area.

He was given three sets of dilating drops and had to wait 15 minutes between each set.  Then more waiting until his name was called and finally he saw a retina specialist. I wasn't allowed to go into the room only Hannah with Rocketman.  Rocketman said the doctor was about 45 years old and spoke pretty good English.  He looked at all of the reports from Mayo Clinic and from Rocketman's retinal specialist from the States.  He performed the same exam that Rocketman usually recieves and said that his retinas looked great.

Then we took a number for the cashier.  In South Korea, you pay at the time of services.  I was thinking it would be a pretty big bill since a visit to our U.S. retinal specialist is $2000.00.  I was shocked at the amount.  Only 53,000 WON ($47USD).  I paid with cash which is what they prefer and off to lunch we went.  We had kimchi jigae.  We got home about 3:00 and right now Rocketman is taking a rest.
I saw this hair salon while walking to the subway station in Seoul.  I thought Rocketman should stop for a "gangster" hair cut but he didn't want to.

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