Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Furniture Shopping in Suwon

Furniture shopping in South Korea is very different than what I'm used to back in the States. Jeff and Vanessa from our relocation agency took me (Rocketman was out of the country) to Suwon's Furniture District to get what we needed for the apartment. I'll shoot a video of our apartment and the furniture later now that all the furniture has been delivered.

Square footage is at a premium here in Suwon so furniture stores are usually multilevel and filled to the rim. You really have to watch where you are walking. I loss count how many stores we actually visited but it was just about every one on both sides of the street. The most important thing on my list was a comfortable bed and a LazyBoy type chair for Rocketman. These two items also turned out to be the most ellusive. I only found one bed soft enough. I really felt like Goldilocks laying on beds in all of the stores we went into. For the most part, I just had to sit on the bed to be able to tell they were too hard. The Koreans sure like their beds hard. I never did find anything like a LazyBoy but I got close with a chair from Norway.

This gives you a hint about the look of many of the beds I saw.

I made a friend at one of the furniture stores. She took me all over her father's store to show me the chairs and sofas that had remote control reclining. She was such a cutie!

I also just had to take a picture of her fingernails. She is definitely a little fashionista!

I did manage to find a kingsize comfortable mattress which is closest in size to a California King. You also get your bedding from a bedding store which happened to be right on the same street and was recommended to us by the owner of the furniture store where I bought most of my furniture. Bedding is custom made and very different than the U.S. No fitted sheet or flat sheet. I will take a video of this too. This is the bedding we ordered. One for the kingsize bed and one set for the queen bed in the extra bedroom.

Of course, all this shopping makes a girl hungry so we ate lunch at a local restaurant. I had this which included mandu. I couldn't eat even half of it but Jeff helped to finish it off for me.

And of course, I never met a kimchi I didn't love.
I did shoot some video in the furniture store where we purchased the most furniture to give you a taste of what furniture shopping is like over here. I just love those stone beds! I still need to learn how to slow down when I'm videotaping. Sorry!

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