Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bojagi (Korean Sewing) - Class #1

Nan, my chilbo teacher lined up a bojagi teacher for me and she told me in her limited English accented with a lot of Korean that she and a few people would be coming with my new pojagi teacher. I should have known better since living in South Korea it's always best to expect the unexpected, this is who I opened my door to.

Luckily, I had enough coffee cups for all the coffee and green tea I served. One lady brought me a bunch of ramen and some Jeju Island chocolates. They stayed for about an hour and all but my teacher and her friend that knows a little English stayed. I found out my pojagi teacher knows absolutely no English. Nan was also like this when we started classes and little by little she has picked up quite a bit of English from me and I have learned some Korean from her. My pojagi teacher is second for the left in the picture above.

This little cutie was so happy. I happened to pack some American candy for when little ones would visit. She even gave me a kiss on the cheek when she left.

My class ended up lasting from 3-5:15. I practiced on this cloth all the stitches. Her interpreter said that I did a great job. It was so hard and I haven't really done a lot of stitching since the 1970's. I loved it though and next week I will begin to make a pin cushion.


  1. Hi. I found your blog by a google search for making pojagi. I'm in Anyang, Korea and I'm really interested in learning pojagi and other Korean crafts. Any tips? How did you find a teacher?


  2. Hi Amy Marie: I found my pojagi teacher through a friend on Facebook who was a member of SIWA. If you are interested in her, drop me an email and I'll give you her email address. I found chilbo by walking around Suwon and getting lost. You could also ask a Korean friend to find a teacher for you. My chilbo teacher found my hanji teacher for me.


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