Thursday, March 3, 2011

Korean Goodwill Store

Near Suwon Station, there is a Goodwill Store and I decided to compare it to it's counterpart in the U.S. The outside was the same but the inside was quite different. I was surprised to see a lot of food for sale. Prices were great!

I picked up these ceramic bowls at 1000 WON (.89USD).

This was 10,000WON ($8.86 USD)

This box was 2000 WON ($1.77USD). We got our air shipment yesterday. It only took 5 weeks which is what it would have taken if it went ocean. We still wish we could have had an ocean shipment and brought our furniture like last time. It would have saved the company a lot of money but oh well, this was the way they handle these shorter termed assignments.
The only thing I forgot and it was a biggie is sheets. Korean beds don't have fitted or flat sheets and Rocketman was dying for our sheets to arrive. I'm not sure what to do about it. I did try to get some when we ordered the bedding but it couldn't be done.
I was thinking of either seeing if my sister can run over to our house, grab a couple sets and mail them to us, make some of my own, or wait until we visit in June. I'm leaning towards the June option if I can talk Rocketman into it. I also forgot any Corningware or casserole dishes. I'll have to pick that up. I have a second furniture shopping trip to do since there was a mistake made in our budget. It led to a lot of confusion and stresss but that is over.
Rocketman returns tomorrow from Taiwan and is anxious for some U.S. cooking now that I have all my stuff. We also need to think about a housewarming party for his co-workers. It's a mandatory thing to do here. I'm thinking of having a taco bar plus a bunch of appetizers. It will include a much needed trip to Costco.


  1. Did you check out Homeplus? I plain old cotton fitted sheets there. Lots on gmarket (that's where I got mine). Costco.... I got nice fleece ones there, so they must have cotton ones?

  2. E-mart has them as well - you'll buy each piece individually at an inflated price...

  3. I love thrift store. Becky, how fun!! What deals! Too bad you cannot find sheets there as they do not have that kind. Poor Rocketman. I can relate. Sleep environment is very important for proper rest!!

    I want to go to your Goodwill!

  4. Food at Goodwill? Huh.

    Hooray for your stuff arriving!

  5. Would you be able to give me more exact directions to locate the store in Suwon? I have seen it before but I do not know how to get there. I have not been able to find an exact address on the internet and "near Suwon Station" seems a little to vague to result in a successful trip. Thank you.

  6. James, it's on the road perpendicular to Suwon Station. It's the street that is next to the bus stop where all the buses go to pick up. You will see a Starbuck on the left (North) side along with a Pizza Hut and Mr. Pizza. Keep walking, it's about 1/2 to 3/4 miles from the Station on the right (South) side. It's set back so you won't see it until you pass by.


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