Thursday, March 24, 2011

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #7

 Chilbo class this week was revisiting a process I had done when we vacationed here last April.  We used glass frit to make people.  Their heads are a drop of white enamel.  The lower half is made by applying dry enamel and Nan had me use a comb type tool to make the designs.
The trees are created using a damp but not too wet brush and the leaves on the trees are just using your fingerprint.  
This is what they looked like after the two firings.  Rocketman loved them.

We had a lot of visitors at the chilbo shop yesterday and they were all men.  There is going to be a big parade on that street on Sunday and a bunch of officials were stopping by to make sure places would be opened.  They were surprised to see a foreigner and after Nan introduced me to them in Korean, one gentleman wanted my autograph.  Too funny.  So we are going to a parade on Sunday.


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